Riddle 1

I rise long slow and full
over your soft curves
I've had horns that obscured
my glowing face;

now they're gone,
but they'll return.
Sweet fluids flow
along your crevices;

You come alive
under my gentle light--
some unseen part of you
craves me, raves and howls

to bring me down to you.

When I'm dark, I'm new;
When I'm old, I light you;
I'm inconstant, but true;
Who am I, who are you?

By Jason Paul Fox
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(The Full Moon and The Earth)
The key is the horns...
a crescent moon is like horns. And the howls.
A reference to the moon's influence on tides, gravity, orbits.
Finally, the last stanza is an obvious riddle for the moon and earth.