To drown in laughter, break yesterday's bars.
I am the cage, the the ribcage of vague resemblance;
I am the cage, you swallowed the key.
Tumbling along the carstrewn miles-
like winding a clock, you kiss me.
I am ticking. Always there is wine.
Your drunken laughter always breaks
the sense of remembrance with passion.
Drink more; the journey is long. The bruises
taint my heart like a pendulous grape subtly caged
behind your lips. Like winding a clock, you kiss me.
Drowning in wine, you stumble minutely
on yesterday's laughter in seedy bars.
I am ticking; you've lost count
of the memories. I was free
when the spaces were empty, when
the key was in the lock, when the roads were dry.
Like winding a clock, you kiss me.

by JPF and AJET


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copyright 2007 Jason Paul Fox