Baby Girl Sleeper Set

Designs by Abigail Goss of Crotiques

Size: 0-3 months


Pink sport weight yarn

White sport weight yarn

"I" hook

Special Stitches: Shell=(2DC, ch 1, 2DC).

With pink, Ch 40

1. Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in next 3 chs, 3dc (corner made), Dc in next 7 chs, 3dc (corner made),dc in next 11, 3dc (corner made), Dc in next 7, 3dc (corner made), Dc in last 5. Ch 3 turn. (47 dc)

2. Dc in next 5dc, CORNER, dc in next 9, CORNER, dc in next 13, CORNER, dc in next 9, CORNER. dc in last 6 sts. Ch 3, turn (55 sts)

3. Dc in next 6 dc, CORNER, dc in next 11, CORNER, dc in next 15, CORNER, dc in next 11, CORNER, dc in last 7 sts. Ch 3 turn. (63 sts)

4. Dc in next 7, CORNER, dc in next 13, CORNER, dc in next 17, CORNER, dc in next 13, CORNER, dc in last 8 sts. Ch 3, turn. (71 sts)

5. 2dc in base of ch 3, *Sk 1 st, Shell in next. Rep * across to last 2 sts. Sk next st, 2dc in last, Join with sl st to beg ch. Fasten off pink.

6 (making armholes). With white, In same "shell", ch 3, dc in sp, ch 1, 2dc in space (1st shell made). (working shells in ch 1 sp of shells below)Shell in next 5 shls . Sk 8 shls. Shell in next 10 shls. Sk next 8 shls. Shell in last 4 shls. Join to first ch 3. DO NOT TURN. (20 shells)

7-14 (or desired legnth): Ch 1, sl st into ch1 space of next shell, (Ch3, dc, ch1, 2dc)all in same shell (beg shell made). Shell across. Join to ch 3. At end of last row, fasten off white.

15. With pink, attatch yarn to any sp between any 2 shells with sl st. *5 dc in ch 1 sp of next shell. Sl st in between shells. Rep * around. Sl st in first sl st. Fasten off

Decoration: Add flower below or any small decoration
Ch 4, Join to form ring. *Ch 3, 2 dc, sl st into ring. Rep 5 times. Fasten of leaving 10 in tail and sew to front, center of sleeper.

Edging (slip stitching in ends of rows)

Attatch pink yarn to any st around neck. Sc around rem neck stitchs. At the corner that opens to the back, Ch 18, sl st back down ch (first tie made). Sl st half way down back. Ch 18, Sl st down ch. Sl st down rest of the way. When you get to the opening where you made the first white shell, Do not sl st in the white shell. Only continiue on the other side sl stitching in only pink sts. This closes the back up a little. Sl st up to place opposite of second tie, Place tie, Sl st up to place of first tie, Place tie, sc around rest of neck. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

Note about butterfly knot: I usually tie the ties in this manner: Take both ties TOGETHER. Grasp them together at the base. Make a loop with them together at the base, and pull ends through. Push knot to base of ties (see picture below). It is sort of a knot that resembles antennas. Works well for me.

Diaper Cover
With white, Chain 30

Row 1.Dc in third chain from hook and in each chain to the end. Ch 2, turn
Row 2 Hdc across. Do not ch for beg ch.
Row 3: sk last st made on row before, DO NOT CH, hdc in next stitch and in each stitch across, do not hdc in last stitch. turn.
Row 4-9: repeat row 3. You will be decreasing 2 stitches on each row
Row 10-12: ch 2, hdc in each hdc across, ch 2, turn.
Row 13-20: hdc in base of ch 3(beg st), hdc across, 2 hdc in last stitch.
Work a complete row of HDC then a complete row of DC (like when beg diaper cover). Fasten off white
Finishing: With pink, attatch yarn to middle of either section around top. Hdc around, overlaping edges 3 sts and working over double thickness at edges. Join.
Next row: Ch 2, (Fphdc, bphdc) around. Join.
Last row: Sk 2 sts, *5dc in next (complete shell made), sk 2 sts, sl st in next. Rep around. JOIN. Fasten off
Leg edging. Attatch pink to any leg hole. Working from the outside, 26 sc around. Join. Fasten off. Rep for other leg hole.


With pink, Ch 8

Rnd 1: 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next 4 sts. (3 dc, 3 hdc) in last ch. Working on other side of ch, hdc in next 4 chs. (3 hdc) in last ch. Join with sl st.
Rnd 2. Ch 3, dc in same st. (hdc, sc) in next st. Sc in next 6 sts, (sc, hdc) in next st, (hdc, dc) in next st, (2 dc) in next st, (hdc, sc) in next st, sc in next 6 sts, (sc, hdc) in next st. (hdc, dc) in last st. Join to first st with sl st. (28 sts)

Rnd 3. Ch 2, hdc in next st and in each around. Join w/ sl st to ch2. (28 sts)
Rnd 4. CH 2, hdc in next 11 sts, dc2tog, dc3tog, dc2tog, hdc in next 9 sts, join. (24 sts)
Rnd 5. Ch 1,sc in same st, sc in next 10 sts. Hdc2tog, Dc2tog, hdc2tog, sc in next 5 sts, sc 2 tog, join to first sc w/ sl st.

Last 2 rows: Ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 7 sts, ch 4, sk next 8 sts. sc in last 4 sts. Join, ch 1, sc in same st and in each st and ch around. Join.

Fasten off. Weave in all ends.