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The Universal Monsters - Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, not to mention the Creature From the Black Lagoon and the Invisible Man, are as popular now as ever, with figurines and action figures being released on a regular basis, both children and adult versions of the stories being published, and the movies being released on videotape and DVD.

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- CHILDREN's SERIES: Dracula: Return of Evil. Volume 1 in the series for readers aged 9-12.

Book Description
214 pages (August 2001)
Scholastic Paperbacks; ISBN: 0439208467

Teenagers Nina, Joe, and Bob decide to spend their summer working at Universal Studios. The project they're assigned to is cool. Itıs a new technology that can transform classic movie monsters into life-sized holograms. But something goes wrong, and the monsters are digitally transported into reality. Now itıs up to Nina, Joe, and Bob to hunt them down. Starting with the most fearsome monster of all . . . Dracula.

- CHILDREN's SERIES: The Wolf Man: Blood Moon Rising. Volume 2 in the series for readers aged 9-12.
212 pages (August 2001)
Scholastic Paperbacks; ISBN: 0439208475

Book Description
A strange creature has been preying on residents of a small Florida town. The attacks are being chalked up to a mysterious 'wolf man.' When Nina, Joe, and Bob hear about the attacks, they know their next monster is on the loose. But tracking him down won't be easy. . . .

- CHILDREN's SERIES: Frankenstein: Anatomy of Terror. Volume 3 in the series for readers aged 9-12.
224 pages (November 2001)
Scholastic Paperbacks; ISBN: 0439303443

- CHILDREN's SERIES: Book of the Dead: The Mummy. Volume 4 in the series for readers aged 9-12.
184 pages (February 2002)
Scholastic Paperbacks; ISBN: 043930346X

Book Description
Nina, Joe, and Bob are starting to get good at this monster-hunting thing, but their latest challenge is just about the weirdest yet. There's an exhibit of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts at the San Tomas Inlet Cultural Society, and along with the ancient artifacts comes an ancient curse. Itı's the mummy ­ and he's looking for his long-lost love - a love that just might be Nina!

The Creature From The Black Lagoon will appear in the next installment released in May, 2002.

- CHILDREN's SERIES: Black Water Terror: The Mummy. Volume 5 in the series for readers aged 9-12.
184 pages (February 2002)
Scholastic Paperbacks; ISBN: 043940228X

Book Description
It's spring break for Nina, Joe, and Bob, but it wonıt bring fun in the sun for the three teens. There are reports of shark attacks at the NASA causeway down in southern Florida, and when Nina, Joe, and Bob get wind, they know where theyıre headed this vacation. After all, there hasnıt been a shark attack in Florida for years. It sounds like the Creature from the Black Lagoon has appeared and it's going to be their toughest challenge yet. How do you fight a monster that lives underwater?

- ADULT SERIES: Night of Dracula, by Christopher Schildt, 272 pages (October 2001)
Pocket Books; ISBN: 0743434528

Book Description
"Good evening.
I am...Dracula."
From the night-cloaked mountains of Transylvania he comes, a sinister figure whose very name is synonymous with the Living Dead. But in the gleaming urban landscapes of the twenty-first century, who truly believes in the bloodthirsty superstitions of the past? Surely there are no such things as vampires, not in this day and age.

Or are there?

As a mysterious stranger moves among us, pursuing his own unfathomable agenda while feasting upon the throbbing veins of the captivated women who fall irresistibly under his spell, ancient legends prove all too accurate -- and the most celebrated vampire of them all haunts the night once more!

Featuring an original introduction by Bela Lugosi Jr., son of the silver screen's greatest Dracula!

- ADULT SERIES: Frankenstein, the Legacy, by Christopher Schildt, 272 pages (October 2001)
Pocket Books; ISBN: 0743434536

Book Description
Did I request thee,
Maker from my clay to mould me man?
Did I solicit thee, from darkness to promote me?
-- Milton, Paradise Lost
Two centuries ago, a man named Victor Frankenstein succeeded in his quest to create life from lifelessness. But the result was a hideous creature that wrought havoc on the world, coming to its end in the frozen wastes of the Arctic, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake, and a legend that would not die.

Now, three scientists travel to the North Pole searching for the truth behind a ship that has been found frozen in the ice. When they arrive, they are stunned to discover Frankenstein's notes on the creation of his monster -- notes that will lead them on a deadly quest to re-create the experiment begun so long ago. A quest to create life....

- ADULT BOOK: Bride of Frankenstein: Vow of Frankenstein.
- Return of the Wolf Man, by Jeff Rovin

352 pages (October 1998)

A new heir, Caroline Cooke, has come to the dark castle called the Tombs. And once again the little town of LaMirada is haunted by brutal murder, strange tales, and the mournful howls of an unknown creature. Some say he is crying out for the human blood on which he must feed. But others say he is crying for release from his tormented form--release that only the lovely new occupant of the castle can give him.

- The Devil's Brood

Book Description
The Bride of Frankenstein is resurrected...The Werewolf of London bequeaths his legacy on the unsuspecting...Dracula creates a new creature of destruction...Voodoo drums beat and Frankenstein's Monster stirs. Now, as the forces of darkness draw together mankind is about to discover the true meaning of underworld...and that this summer, fear is Universal.

- The Devil's Night : The New Adventures of Dracula, Frankenstein & the Universal Monsters
256 pages (February 6, 2001)

Book Description
When a full moon rises over a dark mountain citadel, the Werewolf of London is reborn. On a Caribbean isle, where zombies rise and walk, Frankenstein's monster is more than a legend. He is alive. In an archaeological excavation, a preserved cadaver moves-and Dracula is awakened. The classic monsters from Universal Studios' cinematic vault of horror return-in a brand-new novel from the author of The Devil's Brood.

- Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, 212 pages.
Frankenstein, loved by many decades of readers and praised by such eminent literary critics as Harold Bloom, seems hardly to need a recommendation. If you haven't read it recently, though, you may not remember the sweeping force of the prose, the grotesque, surreal imagery, and the multilayered doppelgänger themes of Mary Shelley's masterpiece. As fantasy writer Jane Yolen writes of this (the reviewer's favorite) edition, "The strong black and whites of the main text [illustrations] are dark and brooding, with unremitting shadows and stark contrasts. But the central conversation with the monster--who owes nothing to the overused movie image … but is rather the novel's charnel-house composite--is where [Barry] Moser's illustrations show their greatest power ... The viewer can all but smell the powerful stench of the monster's breath as its words spill out across the page. Strong book-making for one of the world's strongest and most remarkable books." Includes an illuminating afterword by Joyce Carol Oates.

- The Essential Frankenstein, including the novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1993)

Horror expert Wolf's sublime edition of this literary masterpiece features in-depth and extensive notes on all the novel's most interesting aspects, plus biographical information revealing how Mary Shelley's turbulent personal life influenced her work. Beautifully illustrated with original line drawings.

- The Father of Frankenstein, (1996) Christopher Bram
This novel--the basis for the critically acclaimed 1998 film Gods and Monsters -re-creates the last days of film director James Whale, who was found dead in his swimming pool, an apparent suicide, in 1957. Bram offers sharp insights into the darkly comic sensibility that infuses Whale's two most famous films, Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, as memories of an impoverished English childhood, the trenches of World War I, and Hollywood studios compete for space in a mind whose defenses have been weakened by a stroke. Written in the fluid present tense of a cinematic treatment, Father of Frankenstein is a powerful evocation of an era before Hollywood celebrities could proclaim anything but domestic heterosexuality to the outside world.

- We Belong Dead (1997)

The author, David H. Smith ( , November 2, 1998:
Not just another list of Frankenstein titles
I can see the eyes glazing over and hear the groans -- one more book detailing the wealth of movies based on Mary Shelley's 19th-century classic. But here, as in all Midnight Marquee Press releases, there's a difference. The little-known, the low-budget, and the downright forgettable share equal limelight with the big guns. Sure, the Karloff-Universal series is covered; so too are the Cushing-Hammer color extravaganzas. But there's coverage of the Monster's 1910 film debut, his adaptations in European and Japanese cinema, right up to the present day in ostensibly children's films that have much to say to adults about the myth of Frankenstein and what it means to us all. Once again, Midnight Marquee lets loose its stable of writers to cover the good, the bad, and the quite literally ugly versions of Frankenstein.

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