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- anti-hero of a series of 32 pre-WWI French thrillers written by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain. He carries out the most appalling crimes: substituting sulfuric acid in the perfume dispensers at a Parisian department store, releasing plague-infested rats on an ocean liner, or forcing a victim to witness his own execution by placing him face-up in a guillotine. Fantômas is the master of a thousand disguises and the leader of a vast army of "apaches" (street thugs). His spies and henchmen are everywhere, spreading the seeds of chaos and terror. Fantômas is anyone and no one, everywhere and nowhere, waging an implacable war against the very bourgeois society in which he moves with such ease and assurance. [from Fantomas web site].

1. Fantomas Lives is the official website for Fantomas.

Fell, Gideon
(Character/Novels, short stories)
- Amateur detective created by John Dickson Carr, appeared in 23 novels, many short stories, and several radio plays.

1. See Gideon Fell DOSSIER for list of titles and other information.

Fen, Gervase
(Character/Novels, short stories)
- English don and amateur detective created by Edmund Crispin.

1. See Gervase Fen DOSSIER for list of titles and other information.

Film Noir
(Motion picture genre)
- Origins in France, popular in America just after WWII.

1. Dark Passages: The World of Film Noir,' introduction on the genre by Jerry Renshaw, and then very brief articlettes by various writers, in Scarlet Street magazine issue 29, 1998, pg. 57.
The mini articles in the order the are presented in the article:
The Big Sleep (1946) by Ken Hanke, Laura (1944) by Brooke Perry, Chinatown (1974) by John F. Black, This Gun For Hire (1942) by Jerry Renshaw, Night Has A Thousand Eyes (1948) by Richard Valley, The Killers (1946) by Michael Spaminato, Lady in the Lake (1946) by John F. Black, Port of New York (1949) by Jerry Renshaw, The Big Clock (1948) by Ken Hanke, The Woman in the Window (1944) by Michael Brunas, He Walked By Night (1949) by Ken Hanke, Murder My Sweet (1944) by Jerry Renshaw, Phantom Lady (1944) by Ken Hanke, My Favorite Brunette (1947) by Ken Hanke, Double Indemnity (1944) by Jerry Renshaw


- Under construction is a dossier that will list every mystery book taking place in the state of Florida.

1. DOSSIER: Dead and Read in FLORIDA

Foch, Nina
- Nina Foch, born in the Netherlands on 20 April, 1924, made all of her 40-plus movies in the United States. She was a leading lady during the late 1940s, and played support in several television programs including the Charlie's Angels clone, Ebony, Ivory and Jade.

1. 'A Werewolf Prepares,' interviewed by Danny Savello about her horror roles, in Scarlet Street magazine issue 33, pg. 48.

Follett, Ken
- born in Wales, made his home in England and New York. 'Achieved instant fame' with Eye of the Needle, (1978). He was a reporter before he started to write novels.

1. 'Why Women Don't Write Spy Novels,' by Ken Follett, Murderess Ink, edited by Dilys Winn, Workman Press, 1979.
2. 'The Spy as Hero and Villain,' by Ken Follet, The Murder Mystique, edited by Lucy Freeman. Frederick Ulgar Publishing, 1982.

3. The Official Ken Follett Website.

Fortune, Reggie
(Character/Novels, short stories)
- English physician and surgeon, advisor to Scotland Yard's CID on medical matters. Created by H. C. Bailey.

1. See Reggie Fortune DOSSIER [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] for list of titles and other information.

Fowles, John
- Author of The Ebony Tower, New American Library, 1974.

1. ' Threats to Rationalism: John Fowles, Stanislaw Lem, and the Detective Story, The Armchair Detective magazine, Volume 13, Winter 1980, Number 1, page 4-7.

4:50 From Paddington, The
- '4:50 From Paddington,' written by Agatha Christie, features Miss Marple. Was made into a Margaret Rutherford movie called Murder, She Said.

1. 'What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw,' by Agatha Christie, critical analysis by L. David Allen, PhD, Cliff Notes: Detective in Fiction, 1978.

- Under construction is a dossier that will list every mystery book taking place in the country of France.

1. DOSSIER: Dead and Read in FRANCE

Francis, Dick
(British author)
- Richard Stanley 'Dick' Francis was born in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales on October 31, 1920. He became a champion steeplechase jockey before injury forced him to retire. He became a race reporter and then turned to novel writing. His wife always helped him with his research.

1. 'Dick Francis: The Worth of Human Love,' by Michael N. Stanton, The Armchair Detective, Volume 15, Number 2, pg. 137.
2. The Craft of Crime: Conversations with Crime Writers,' by John C. Carr, 1983, Houghton Mifflin. Complete chapter interview.
3. The Unofficial Dick Francis Website.

Freeman, Lucy
- This author has written both fiction and non-fiction suspense. Her novel The Dream was adapted for the stage, and her non-fiction book Betrayal (1976) appeared as a two-hour tv movie.

1. ''Before I Kill More,'',' by Lucy Freeman, I, Witness: Personal Encounters With Crime by Members of the Mystery Writers of America, edited by Brian Garfield, NYT Times Books, 1978.
2. 'The Whydunit Emerges, Thanks To Freud,' by Lucy Freeman, The Murder Mystique, edited by Lucy Freeman. Frederick Ulgar Publishing, 1982.

This book is available from the CAIRO LIBRARY, and from

Freeman, R[ichard] Austin
(British author)
- Creator of the character, John Thorndyke, Scientific Detective. His stories were written around the same time as Sherlock Holmes - the character is not as lovable but the science is more exact.

Web Citations:
1. Dr. Thorndyke's Home Page.
2.<.b> The Realists School of Detective Fiction
3. Borowitz Crime Manuscripts: Richard Austin Freeman Correspondence: 1920-1941. A collection at Kent State University.

1. 'R. Austin Freeman,' by Norm Donaldson, The Armchair Detective, volume 1, Number 2, January 1968, pg. 32.
2. Encylopedia of Mystery and Detection, Steinbrunner and Penzler, McGraw Hill, 1976.

Frees, Paul
(American actor)
- Radio actor, 'voice' actor.

1. Paul Frees biography

Fremlin, Celia
- Wrote The Hours Before Dawn.

1. 'Vigil in Mayfair: A Tale Unfolds Over Cucumber Sandwiches,' (brief comments on the mystery by H.R.F. Keating, Julian Symons, Celia Fremlin, Peter Dickinson and Avon Curry), Murderess Ink, edited by Dilys Winn, Workman Publishing, 1979.

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