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Hammer, Mike
- Mickey Spillane is the creator of the ultimate hard-boiled detective, Mike Hammer.

The Unofficial Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer website is here.

Hammett, Dashiell
(American author)
- Creator f Nick and Nora Charles, Sam Spade, the Continntal Op.

1. 'Hammett: A Reaction Report,' by William F. Nolan, The Armchair Detective, Volume 3, Number 3, April 1970, pg. 162
2. 'About Dashiell Hammett,' by William White, The Armchair Detective, Volume 3, Number 3, April 1970, pg. 172
3. 'Hammett: Postscript,' by William White, The Armchair Detective, Volume 3, Number 3, April 1970, pg. 175
4. 'Shadowing the Continental Op,' by William F. Nolan, The Armchair Detective, Volume 8, Number 2, February 1975, pg. 121

Hammill, Pete
- Creator of Sam Briscoe.

1. 'We Tell Stories,' by Pete Hammill, The Armchair Detective, Volume 12, Winter 1979, Number 1, pg. 3-5.

Hare, Cyril
(British author)

1. 'Cyril Hare,' by Charles Shibuk, The Armchair Detective, Volume 3, October 1969, Number 1, pg. 28.


- Under construction is a dossier that will list every mystery book taking place in the state of Hawaii.

1. DOSSIER: Dead and Read in HAWAII

Hawaii Five-O
(US Television series)
- Jack Lord starred as Steve McGarrett, James MacArthur as Dan Williams.

1. 'TAD on TV,' by Richard Meyers, The Armchair Detective, Volume 13, Summer 1980, Number 3, pg. 228-229.

Hayers, Sidney
(Film and t.v. director)
- Born 1921 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Died on 8 February 2000 in Altea, Spain (age 79) of cancer. Married to actress Erika Remberg.

Director of the thriller, Circus of Horrors, 1960. Directed several motion pictures, and television programs, among them episodes of The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Persuaders.

1. Interviewed by Richard Valley in Scarlet Street magazine, issue 6, Spring 1992, pg 30, along with George Baxt and Erika Remberg (regarding Circus of Horrors.

Hedman, Ivan
(Magazine editor)
- Swedish, the editor/publisher of DAST, the Swedish equivalent of The Armchair Detective magazine.

1. 'Ivan Hedman: An Interview,' by Caleb A. Lewis, The Armchair Detective, Volume 13, Spring 1980, Number 2, pg 166-168.

Highsmith, Patricia
(American author)
- Born in Ft. Worth, Texas. Shares the same birthday as Edgar Allen Poe - January 19. Author of Strangers on a Train from which Hitchcock adapted his movie, and The Talented Mr. Ripley among others.

1. 'The Cat Complex,' by Patricia Highsmith, Murderess Ink, edited by Dilys Winn, Workman Press, 1979.
2. 'Patricia Highsmith - Interview,' by Diana Cooper-Clark, The Armchair Detective, Volume 14, 1981, Number 4, pg 313.

Hoch, Edward D.
- A prolific short story writer and novelist. One time president of the Mystery Writers of America.

1. 'Mystery Movies, Behind the Scenes,' Edward D. Hoch, The Murder Mystique, edited by Lucy Freeman. Frederick Ulgar Publishing, 1982.

This book is available from the CAIRO LIBRARY, and from

Hodgson, William Hope
- English author of short stories of the supernatural, creator of Carnacki the Ghost Finder.

1. 'William Hope Hodgson: Carnacki The Ghost-Finder' by Peter Christensen, The Armchair Detective, Volume 12, Spring 1979, Number 2, pg 122-124.

Holmes, Sherlock
- There have been many radio series and one-offs featuring Sherlock Holmes. [All will eventually be covered in a Holmes radio DOSSIER]

The BBC Radio Holmes starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams
The BBC, over a period of many years, adapted the entire canon of Sherlock Holmes. This British series, starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams, is the only series in which the same two radio actors have played in the entire Holmes canon.

1. 'Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror,' Bert Coules, scriptwriter for the entire series, interviewed by Tom Amorosi and Richard Valley, in Scarlet Street magazine issue 33, pg. 67.

Holmes, Sherlock
- Sherlock Holmes has been on stage since the beginning of his literary career. A DOSSIER is under construction.

Holmes, Sherlock
- The Granada Television series starring Jeremy Brett was very successful. A DOSSIER featuring critical analyses of each episode is under construction.

1. 'The Background Story: Part Seventen: Brave New World,' by Michael Cox, Sherlock Holmes, The Detective Magazine, Issue 31, 1999, page 10.

Hound of the Baskervilles
(TV Movie, UK)
- Ian Richardson played Sherlock Holmes, Donald Churchill Dr. Watson.

1. 'Our Man On Baker Street,' column by David Stuart Davies, in Scarlet Street magazine issue 29, 1998, pg. 53.

Hughes, Dorothy B.
- Wrote The So Blue Marble.

1. 'The Grand Masters of Crime,' by Dorothy B. Hughes, Murderess Ink ed. by Dilys Winn, Workman Publishing, 1979.

Hunter, EvanB.
(American author )
- Pseudonym.

1. 'The 'Mystery'' Career of Evan Hunter,' by Bill Pronzini, The Armchair Detective, Volume 5, Number 3, April 1972, pg. 129.

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