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Paul, Barbara
- Author of the Sg. Marian Larch mysteries (The Renewable Virgin, He Huffed and He Puffed and many more, stand-alone mysteries, and science-fiction.

1. Barbara Paul Website: a very elegant website hosted by Paul herself, with lots of information on her books, creative processes, etc.

Paretsky, Sara.

(American author)
- Creator of V.I. Warshawski female private detective.

1. 'Trouble is her Business: Interview with Sara Paretsky,' by Catherine M. Nelson, The Armchair Detective magazine, Volume 24, Number 3, Summer, 1991, pg. 260.

Parker, Robert B.
(American author)
- 'Robert B. Parker writes the best American hard-boiled detective fiction since Ross Macdonald and Raymond Chandler.' His detective, Spenser, began in the 1970s.

1. The Craft of Crime: Conversations with Crime Writers, by John C. Carr, 1983, Houghton Mifflin. Complete chapter interview.
2. 'A Dialogue With Robert B. Parker,' by Anne Ponder, The Armchair Detective magazine, Volume 17, Number 4, Fall 1984.


- Under construction is a dossier that will list every mystery book taking place in the state of Pennsylvania.


Penzler, Otto
(Publisher, collector, editor, writer)
- Published the classic mystery book series under the imprint Gregg Press. Co-editedThe Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection and The Detectionary.

1. 'Collecting Detective Fiction,' by Otto Penzler, chaper in the reference book Murder Ink edited by Dilys Wynn, Workman Publishing, copyright 1977.
2. Otto Penzler biography on the web, via his bookstore.

Peters, Ellis
- Ellis Peters, author of several mystery series.

1. 'Death and the Joyful Woman,' by Ellis Peters, critical analysis by L. David Allen, PhD, Cliff Notes: Detective in Fiction, 1978.


- A half-hour program, Philip Morris presented dramatic adaptations of short stories and novels such as 'The Tell-Tale Heart.' It ran from 1939-1943, 1948-1949, and 1951-1953. Their trademark was a page-boy, JOHNNY, whose ''Call for Philip Moor-ees!' became one of radio's famous advertising tags.

Episode Synopses:
1. Murder Needs An Artist, starring Vincent Price. May 9, 1950.

1. Same Time, Same Station, by Ron Lackmann, 1996, Facts on File.

Philips, Louis
- Writer. Contributor of poems to The Armchair Detective magazine.

1. 'Alibis,' by Louis Philips, The Armchair Detective, Volume 12, Winter 1979, Volume 1, pg 63. (poem references Hercule Poirot, Bulldog Drummond, Dr. Gideon Fell, Samuel Spade, Nero Wolfe, Simon Templar, Della Street and Perry Mason.

- Born on 1 December 1922, in New York, New York. Co-starred in the television series 'The Untouchables,' with Robert Stack.

1. 'An Untouchable Hero: Paul Picerni,' interviewed by Tom Amorosi and Richard Valley, in Scarlet Street magazine issue 39, 1999, pg. 56.

Poe, Edgar Allan
- Born in Boston, Massachussetts, USA on June 19, 1809 and died in Baltimore on October 7, 1849. Creator of Auguste Dupin.

1. 'Poe and the Detective Story,' by J.R. Christopher, The Armchair Detective, Volume 2, Number 1, Ocober 1968, pg. 49.
2. 'Poe on ''Trial'',' by sam Moskowiz, The Armchair Detective, Volume 4, Number 1, Ocober 1970, pg. 10.
3. 'The Purloined Letter,' critical analysis in Cliff Notes: Detective in Fiction, by L. David Allen, PhD, 1978.
4. Complete text of most of his 120 short stories and poems, biography, etc. available at this Edgar Allan Poe website.

Post, Melville Davisson
- Melville Davisson Post was born on 19 Apr 1869 and died on 23 June 1930. He was a lawyer, and a Democratic candidate for President of the United States in 1924. He wrote 13 mystery/detective story collections with series characters Uncle Abner [see entry under Abner, Uncle], Sir Henry Marquis, Randolph Mason, 4 unrelated novels and numerous nonfiction articles - most published in the Saturday Evening Post [Dated Death: Saturday Evening Post entry.

Price, Vincent

(American actor)
- born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on 27 May, 1911, and died of lung cancer in Los Angeles, California, USA on 25 October, 1993.

Although typecast as a horror actor, in his long career he played many detectives and many criminals. See Vincent Price DOSSIER UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

1. 'What Price Glory,' by Bruce G. Hallenbeck, Scarlet Street magazine, issue 13, Winter 1994, page 25.
2. 'Vincent Price as I Remember Him,' by Roger Corman, Scarlet Street magazine, issue 13, Winter 1994, page 29.
3. 'A Priceless Man Remembered,' by Michael Mallory, Scarlet Street magazine, issue 13, Winter 1994, page 30.
4. 'Cracks in the Mask,' interview of Victoria Price about her biography of Vincent Price, by Richard Valley,Scarlet Street magazine, issue 36, 1999, page 34.

Professionals, The
(British tv series)
- British television series starring Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson.

1. A website devoted to The Professionals is located at: The Authorized Guide To The Professionals

Pronzini, Bill
(Amrican author)
- Popular American author.

1. 'The 'Mystery'' Career of Evan Hunter,' by Bill Pronzini, The Armchair Detective, Volume 5, Number 3, April 1972, pg. 129.

Pulp fiction
- 1920s and 1930s magazines, printed on cheap paper, with stories written quickly in all sorts of genres.

1. 'Pulps of the 20s and 30s Produced Some Outstanding Detective Writers, The Armchair Detective, Volume 12, Spring 1979, Number 2, pg 164.

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