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Danger, Dr. Danfield

-Debuted on 8/18/46 and ended on 2/9/47 for a total of 26 episodes. Starred Michael Dunn.

1. None at this time.

Dangerously Yours
Anthology series
-Debuted on 6/20/44 and ended on 10/15/44 for a total of 18 episodes (before a title change to Matinee Theatre. Starred Victor Jory and Gertrude Warner taking various roles in the productons.

1. None at this time.

Did Justice Triumph?

-An anthology series. Its first, audition show, was heard on For Your Approval before getting its own seriie12/21/46-9/1/47, for a total of 32 epsodes.

1. None at this time.

Doc Savage
-Doc Savage was a fifteen minute serial for most of its run during the 30s and 40s. It was revivied in 1985 by National Public Radio for a short-lived series of episodes.

02/10/34-03/30/35 (26 episodes)
01/06/43-06/30/43 (26 episodes)
09/30/85-12/23/85 (13 episodes)

1. None at this time.


- Created by Jack Webb, who also starred as Sergeant Joe Friday. The show debuted on 6/3/49 with an epsode entitled 'Robbery' and ended on 2/16/57 with a repeat of an episode called 'The Big Mustache.'

Dragnet was not the first police procedural to dramatize actual cases, but it was perhaps the best. Barton Yarborough was Webb's first partner, Ben Alexander, when he died young (after filming the first Dragnet tv episode), other actors came along, such as Martin Milner and Herb Ellis, for the rest of that season before Webb settled on Ben Alexander as his new partner Frank Smith. The show ran concurrently on radio and tv for a while.

RADIO IS NOT DEAD (Dragnet episodes broadcast on Stan Freberg's When Radio Was, records kept as of 8/10/01
8/18/01: The Big Mink, 6/22/50
8/16/01: Big Streetcar, 4/3/52

None at this time.

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