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The Adventures of The Saint
(US, mystery program)
Simpn Templar, alias The Saint, was created by Leslie Charteris.

A long running series which starred many actors, most famously Vincent Price. Citations:
1. The Dossier on The Saint on Radio
2. Broadcasts today on When Radio Was

The Shadow
(US, mystery program)
The Shadow debuted on September 26, 1937 with Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston and Agnes Moorehead as Margo Lane. Bill Johnstone succeeded to the role, then Bret Morrison. John Archer had the role very briefly.

Despite all the guns, bombs, rays, murder, blackmail, and villains of all sizes and stripes, it was television that eventually killed The Shadow. On December 21, 1954, Bret Morrison and Gertrude Warner stood before a mutual microphone to transcribe the final episode. ‘’Murder By the Sea’’ was aired five days later, and The Shadow’s mocking laugh was heard for the last time by a generation of people who had grown up with the character. First episode: September 26, 1937, ''The Death House Rescue.'' Last episode: December 25, 1954: ''Murder By The Sea.'' Citations:
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3. Jerry Haendiges'Complete Shadow episode log
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6. The Pulps: The Shadow

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
(US, mystery program)
Sherlock Holmes has a long career on American radio, but it was the British who performed all of the canon, using the same actors for Holmes and Watson. See below.

1. The Dossier on Sherlock Homlmes on Radio
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(US, Anthology program)
- Longest running adventure/mystery anthology program.

1. The Dossier on Suspense on Radio
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