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The Christie - Tey Matter

Agatha Christie (1890-1976) is known as the Queen of Crime and wrote over 80 detective novels, and over ten plays. Her detectives are Private Detective Hercule Poirot and amateur sleuth Miss Jane Marple.

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Josephine Tey (1896/7-1952) was the psuedonym of Elizabeth MacKintosh, who as a playwright (using the name Gordon Daviot) achieved fame with her very first play, Richard of Bordeaux. As Josephine Tey she wrote eight well-received detective novels, most featuring Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant.

Josephine Tey's eight books were brought out as a set by Scribner Paperback Fiction in the 1990, with an introduction by mystery writer Robert Barnard.

In this introduction Barnard states:

"If Agatha Christie's "Anthony Astor" in Three Act Tragedy is indeed a hit at Tey then Christie
targets Tey's weaknesses squarely when she talks about "her spiritual home - a boarding house
in Bournemouth," with the implication of dreary respectability and conventionality."

What does Barnard mean by "a hit at Tey"? By what clues does Barnard infer that Christie based Astor (an unflattering portrait of a woman) on Tey? He doesn't say, and Tey isn't mentioned in Christie's Autobiography. (But then, few mystery writers are.)

Notes on Josephine Tey's books:
A Shilling For Candles was made into the movie Young and Innocent by Alfred Hitchcock.
The Daughter of Time features a 'rehabilitation' of Richard III
The Franchise Affair is a modern day retelling of the 18th century Elizabeth Canning affair.

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