Section C: Energy Sources List

This section lists the sources of energy that can be used for space transport.

C.1 Mechanical Sources

C.1a Compressed Gas

C.1b Potential Energy

C.1c Kinetic Energy

C.2 Chemical Sources

C.2a Fuel-Atmosphere Combustion

C.2b Fuel-Oxidizer Combustion

C.2c Chemical Battery

C.3 Thermal Sources

C.3a Heated Storage Bed

C.3b Concentrated Sunlight

C.4 Electrical Sources

C.4a Power Line

C.4b Circulating Electron Storage

C.4c Magnetic Storage

C.4d Photovoltaic Array

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C.4e Solar-Driven Turbine/Generator

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C.4f Microwave Antenna Array

C.5 Beam Sources

C.5a Laser

C.5b Microwave

C.5c Neutral Particle

C.6 Nuclear Sources

C.6a Radioactive decay

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C.6b Nuclear Fission

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C.6c Nuclear Fusion

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C.6d Nuclear Explosions

C.7 Matter Conversion Sources

C.7a Antimatter

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C.7b Quantum Black Hole