Darkling Dawn
Name: Meeke (MEE-kay)
Species: Meera
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Color: Blue
Eyes: Green-Blue

Appearance: Meeke is a large Meera with bright blue fur. He has five fluffy tails, making him of middling rank in Meera society. His eyes are a sea-green color. His wings are large, with purple and pale blue feathers.
Personality: Meeke is sensible and down-to-earth. He is also sensitive and quite emotional, he definitely lets you know how he's feeling. He's a bit of a loner, but can be quite sociable when he wants to be. He is very gentle and caring around children/pups.
Past: Meeke's parents were both scientists on Athanasia, and he was born with a litter of three other siblings. When he was about two years old, a magical plague broke out which was deadly to Meera. The entire Meera race had to leave Athanasia and go to another planet to escape, but by the time the ships were ready, Meeke's father and siblings had already succumbed to the sickness, and only Meeke and his mother managed to escape.
After landing on Jaurik, they lost most of the technology they had with them, and resorted to hunting and some primitive farming for their food. Meeke and his mother joined a larger pack of Meera for survival as well as companionship.

Dragon: Spring Day Mial
Standing at:
Clan Akelara
High up in the air, there was a shrill cry of a bird. Meeke looked up as a shiver ran down his spine. A huge shadow passed overhead, four wings beating the air alternatively. He could feel the zurihauk eying him as it passed, but it must have decided that he was too much trouble for breakfast, and flew away.
Ugh. I hate zurihauks. :) Meeke muttered, though there were no other Meera around to hear. He lifted his head and scented the wind. Nothing to hunt for miles, except for a herd of Urytack, and they were a little too dangerous for him to want to take on on his own, even with his tele-powers. (: I guess it's going to be another day of tubers and roots for breakfast. :)
His keen nose soon lead him to a likely spot, and he dug his paws into the dirt. A short while later he had gathered enough edible tubers for himself and his mother. He wolfed down his share and lifted the rest into the air with his mind to carry back to his mother. Once again, he raised his head to the sky. Good. It looked like the zurihauk had left. Maybe he'd be able to fly home after all.
Meeke threw himself into the air as his vast, feathered wings unfurled. The tips brushed the ground as he beat the air, and then he flying, climbing higher and higher into the air. He gave a wolfish grin as he soared on the thermals. He'd always loved flying. Did it every chance he got, when there wasn't an airborne predator stalking him.
He hadn't realized how far he'd roamed in his morning search for food, but after ten minutes, he was barely even halfway back to the grove where his mother and the rest of the pack lived. Beneath him were nothing but trees and more trees, plus the occasional rock outcropping that littered the hilly area.
Meeke was preoccupied with following his route, and so didn't notice anything else around him. A mistake, as it turned out. A huge gust of wind tangled his wings as a vast, dark grey shape blew past him in a dive. He began to fall, straight into the claws of the hovering zurihauk which waited below him. With a panicked snarl, he spread his wings again, but he couldn't gain enough momentum to escape the bird attacking him. Time to change tactics, then.
All Meera were blessed with strong telekinetic powers, and Meeke's were average in strength. He blasted the zurihauk with kinetic energy, buffeting it one way and another. It screeched in protest, brandishing its claws and digging into Meeke's side. He yelped, biting at the giant bird, which began snapping at his wings, still attached to the Meera's side. They began to fall as Meeke felt something break, but nevertheless, Meeke continued to assault it with his powers, until it finally moved away, unwilling to continue the fight. It spiralled away, leaving the Meera to his fate.
Now Meeke could turn his powers to trying to break his fall. He slowed, but he still hit the ground on his side with a painful groan. Huddled in a ball of blood-stained fur and feathers, he lost consciousness.

He woke to a disconcerting feeling of numbness, and Meeke opened his eyes to a thoroughly unfamiliar place. He was indoors, strange enough on Jaurik, where the Meera built very few buildings, and he was laying on a long, cushioned bed. He inspected himself, and saw that his wounds had been bandanged and smeared with a strange creamy substance. He licked it expirementally, and woofed in surprise and disgust at the taste, after which his tongue went numb.
"Hey, don't lick it, that's freshly imported numbweed from Pern. Cost a bundle." A cranky voice said from a corner of the room. Of course, Meeke didn't know that was what it said; having grown among other Meera only, who didn't speak aloud, he didn't understand English. In fact, he only recognized the creature standing in the room with him as a human from what his mother had told him of them from the time when they lived on Athanasia.
Who are you? And where am I, anyway? What are you doing? :) Meeke asked suspiciously.
The human rolled his eyes and said something else aloud. Then he scowled, and there was a pause. Meeke heard a voice in his mind,
Don't be afraid, we are not here to hurt you. I am Myuyrth, and the man in front of you is my rider, C'nwyn. He's a healer, he's been taking care of you since Dune and Chyndaaderth found you. That explained some of it, though he still didn't know how he had gotten here, wherever he was.
Meeke looked around, but it was just him and the human; there was nothing else in the room from which the voice could have come. Great, now he was talking to a disembodied voice?
The voice must have heard something of his thoughts, which were, admittedly, loud, because there was a silent laugh.
I am outside the infirmary; I couldn't fit in there anyway. Meeke thought about what that said about the size of this creature and was alarmed. You're at Darkling Dawn now. One of the other residents, Dune, found you lying hurt and brought you here. She's a Meera, like you. Do you want to talk to her?
Umm, sure. :) Maybe she could explain things better.
She must have been waiting nearby for a signal to come in, because it didn't take long at all for Dune to arrive. She was a very beautiful Meera, with silky, silvery white fur and deep blue eyes, and Meeke already felt inferior. She was very kind-natured, however, and she explained how she had found him and brought him back to this place, witht he help of her red dragon. Naturally, she then had to explain all about dragons and their riders and the parts they played here, and they talked for the next few hours, until the healer C'nwyn shooed her out and tended further to his wounds. Only then did Meeke allow himself to fall into an exhausted sleep.

The next time he woke, Dune was sitting there already, with a sad look in her eyes.
What's wrong? :) Meeke asked.
She hung her head, ears plastered to the sides of her skull. (:
C'nwyn has finished examining your wounds. He says you should recover mostly, but it will take awhile. And... :) She hesitated, but he waited patiently for the rest, convinced now that it would not be good. (: He says your wings were damaged too badly in the fall to fully recover. They aren't strong enough to carry you, so you won't be able to fly anymore. I'm sorry. :) She explained.
Oh. :) That was all he could say, too devestated by the news. Crippled, for the rest of his life? Never be able to fly again? Ever? How could that be, when he loved flying so much? He curled into a ball, hiding his face underneath his tails, until Dune left.
Meeke continued to heal over the next several weeks, but he spent much of the time in a depressed haze. Even so, he couldn't feel sorry for himself forever, and by the time he was able to walk around on his own, he had made fast friends with the Meera residents of Darkling Dawn, primarily Dune and her brother, Daaklii. They, of course, all had dragons already; large, gold and bronze leaders, tiny blues of various shades, dragons with feathered wings or strange appendages, and of course, Dune's own red Chyndaaderth. And those were just the dragons with Meera bonds.
It was inevitable that someone would ask him about bonding himself eventually. And why not, he reasoned. If he would not be able to fly himself, he may as well get a dragon bond who could. Maybe he'd even be able to hitch a ride on a dragon. (Though wouldn't
that be interesting to see!)
That was why he found himself at a place called Clan Akelara, where, unlike Darkling Dawn at the moment, there was a clutch on the sands looking for candidates. Maybe he'd come back with a dragon of his own (and maybe even impress the pretty Meera Dune). Who knew?
Name: Mial
Bond: Meeke
Color: Spring Day
Strength: 7
Markings: Spring
Hatchling Size: 2 feet 1 inch at the shoulder
Adult Size: 19 feet 8 inches at the shoulder
Personality: Nothing can get Mial down for long, and he'll always search for a solution to every problem with enthusiasm.