David C. Swaim II

Last Modified: February 6, 2006


This is my on-line resume.

This page contains personal and professional data that is organized into sections based on different aspects of my work and personal life. Where appropriate and available there are links to other web sites that offer more information on the subject or entity being mentioned. I am constantly updating this web page with new links so check it out.
If you would like to correspond with me you can write me (snail mail) at:

                     David C. Swaim II
                     735 Brand South Trail
                     Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045

Or you may email me at:


Bachelor of Science, Physics
Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
Master of Education, Physics
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina
Mechanical Engineer
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
Doctor of Philosophy, Applied Physics
Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California
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Past and present memberships:
  • American Radio Relay League
  • American Institute of Physics
  • American Physical Society
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeratiing and Air-conditioning Engineers
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
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  • Publications:

  • "A simple, Inexpensive Slow Charger for the Yaesu FT-207R", CQ, September, 1981
  • "High Resolution Bar Graphs for the PET", COMPUTE!, October, 1981
  • "The Amazing Beam Header", 73, October, 1982
  • "Home Energy Calculator", COMPUTE!, January, 1983
  • "Home Energy Calculator", COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple, 1984
  • "A Simple Linear Regression Class",C/C++ Users Journal, August, 2000
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  • Certificates:

    I have been certified to do a variety of things:

  • Amateur Radio Operator WA4NAG, Advanced class
  • Commercial Radiotelephone Operator *
  • Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Instruments
  • Certified Flight Instructor, Airplanes *
  • Certified Ground Instructor, Advanced, Instrument
  • Teaching Certificate, State of North Carolina, "G" Level *
  • Certified Windows API Programmer,
  • Certified C Programmer,
  • Certified C++ Programmer,
  • Certified Visual C++ Programmer,
  • Certified Object Oriented Developer,
  • Certified HTML Programmer,
  • Certified Java Programmer,
  • Certified Energy Industry Knowledge Analyst,

  • * Expired (didn't renew, I can do only so much at one time).
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    I have a variety of computer skills:
    1. Programming Languages I can program in
      • C (Certified Professional)
      • C++ (Certified Professional)
      • C#
      • Pascal
      • BASIC
      • HTML (I wrote this entire web site)
      • SQL
      • Java
      • Fortran
    2. Compilers and IDEs I have used
    3. Databases I have some experience with
      • SQL Server 7, 2000
      • Oracle
      • InterBase
      • dBase
      • Paradox
      • Btrieve
      • SSUDF (Swaim's Seldom Used Database Format)
    4. Operating Systems I program under
      • Windows 3.1, 95, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000 Server and Pro, XP, 2003 Server
      • Unix (HP-UX)
      • MSDOS/DRDOS (still alive and kicking)
      • Linux (Red Hat mostly)
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    Southern Company Services
    I have been employed by Southern Company Services for the last twenty-six years. Most of that time I have been a Senior Information Systems Analyst. I have worked on engineering simulation programs, hardware control programs, data aquisition programs, billing systems, inventory and trouble tracking systems, and a lot of utility programs. I currently work on packaging applications for deployment and testing and certifying software.
    Simple Software Solutions
    I am the owner, CEO, COO, CIO, CBW (Chief Bottle Washer) of Simple Software Solutions, a consulting/contract programming and shareware producing firm. Simple Software Solutions is the originator of the Loan Saver software program which shows five ways to save money and pay off your mortgage early. We have sold copies of loan software (not just Loan Saver) to banks, loan companies, real estate firms and individuals. In addition we have provided programming services to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses and individuals alike. Our rates are reasonable and our motto is: "Providing Simple Solutions to your Software Needs." We try to provide software solutions that get the job done, yet are easy to use and understand. We have used Delphi, C++ Builder, and Turbo Pascal but currently we are using Visual Studio .NET with Visual C++ and Visual C# as the primary languages. We also do work in Java 2 using the J2SDK. Look for some new shareware releases soon.
    Gwinnett Technical College
    I have been a member of the adjunct faculty at GTC for twelve years. I have taught math, physics, C programming (introduction and advanced), Pascal programming, C++ object oriented programming, Windows programming in C++ (Visual C++, MFC), Java programming (introduction, intermediate and advanced) and information systems design (including object oriented design and relational database analysis). I have worked closely with the school planning new courses. I designed and taught the first C++ courses offered at Gwinnett Tech. Check out some of my short tutorial pages in Object Oriented Programming and C++ and C programming, and Java programming.
    Carolina Power and Light Company
    This is where I worked before moving to Atlanta. I was an engineering co-op while taking mechanical and nuclear engineering at N.C. State University. I also worked as a plant engineer at the Roxboro Steam Electric Plant. I started doing Fortran programs for them. I discovered I liked writing programs better than being a plant engineer so I began searching for a programming job.
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    I was a teaching assistant in the physics department for two years while earning my masters degree. I taught physics laboratory sessions which required lecturing on the principles demonstrated in the lab and helping the students complete the lab. It was fun because I got to be lecturer, tutor and equipment repairer as well as janitor. In other words I did everything from setting up lab equipment to packing and storing equipment back in the storage area and everything in between.
    United States Air Force
    I was a precision photographic services officer at the 15th Reconaissance Technical Squadron at March AFB, California. I was in charge of the T-10 Photographic section. We made color transparency maps for the T-10 radar trainers (B52 radar station simulator). I got out after three years so I could go back to graduate school. Later I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol for a while where I acted as squadron safety officer and search pilot.
    Textured Fibres Incorporated
    I worked part time in a plant that made stretch fibres for sweaters and stockings. This was while I was in college getting my B.S. degree. The plant has been bought out several times since then and I do not know if they make stretch fibres there any more.
    Free-Lance Self Employed
    Between and during some of the jobs above I also free-lanced as a photographer, a certified flight instructor, a charter pilot and a contract programmer.
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    I have a number of hobby interests:
    Computers and Science/Engineering
    I like playing with computers, especially when I am using them to learn scientific and engineering stuff. My web browser bookmarks are mostly scientific web sites. Try learning a little about Temperature Conversions from a web site I wrote. I have written a number of programs for scientific tasks such as gathering data and curve fitting. Check out my site on Linear Regression Analysis using C++. Lately I have become interested in distributed computing using volunteered computer resources. Currently I have two computers running scientific programs for other researchers. If you would like to help out scientific efforts check out Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.
    Amateur (HAM) Radio
    I have been a ham radio operator since I was 16 and a shortwave listener since I was 12. I like electronics. I have built several electronic keyers, t/r (transmit/receive) switches, regulated power supplies and swr meters, all from scratch. I once built a 2-meter FM walkie-talkie from a kit. I put up many an antenna in my day. My all-time favorite was a 15 meter ZL Special I made from twinlead. I have enjoyed talking around the world, mostly on the 15-meter band. My favorite CW spot is 40-meters. I used to get on 75-meter SSB but lately most of my operating is on 2-meter FM. My wife is a ham and we each have a hand-held we use.
    I have always been interested in photography. I guess this is something I got from my father. He made 16mm silent movies of Christmas parades, football games, half-time marching band shows, and any other civic event that had photographic interest. He used to spend days cutting, splicing and titling our vacation movies until he had them just the way he wanted them. I never quite made the switch from still photography (I do mostly 35mm and some 120) to motion pictures, although I do have a video camera and a video capture card. I have my own darkroom equipment and have done black and white and color labwork. My preferred way of working is with slide film. I was a free-lance photographer for a while. I used to do wedding photography and special events. Now I sometimes do weddings for friends or family. I like doing scenic and nature photography. I am now the proud new owner of my first digital camera.
    I love flying and have been known to combine flying with photography (get above the obstructions) or ham radio (you get a lot of distance when your "rubber duckie" antenna is 4,000 feet high). There are two aspects I like about flying: First is the view. I like to fly around and just look at things. The second thing is the challenge of control and precision (fly that precision approach and nail the landing on the numbers). I have a little over 500 hours in various aircraft which include Aeronca (I learned on a 1946 7AC Champion), Cessnas (150, 152, 172, 177RG), and Pipers (J3 and J4 Cub, Tri Pacer, various Cherokees, Comanche, Apache), Grumman AA1-C, Ercoupe, and a Schweizer 2.33.
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