Who the Hell is David King?
   I am 6'2" tall and weigh about l85 lbs. I am in excellent health and am 
very much physically fit, having been a weightlifter all my adult life. Some 
of my other physical-oriented activities are bicycling, camping, and 
dancing. I love both ballroom and folk dancing and have a special interest 
in dances from the Balkan countries. 

   My education is rooted in the sciences of Physics, Mechanics and 
   I have been a member of all the major High-IQ societies. My personal 
motto is: "The fact that I am a certified genius allows me to behave like a 
complete dolt from time to time, with no threat to my self-esteem." (I DO 

   I Shrugged in 1965, shortly after first reading Rand's great work. I have 
no religious beliefs and am an anarchist libertarian. 

   I believe Atlas Shrugged is the greatest book ever written, and The 
Lord of the Rings the finest story ever told. 

   I have lived for many years in the boondocks of central Wyoming in an 
energy-efficient, solar-electric house which I designed and built myself. I 
share my home with two cats: Prrkins and Chumly--and a computer named 

   To the extent that my life results from my own choices and my own 
actions, it has been a tremendous success. The moral really IS the 
Eat part of this address and use the leftovers to contact me.