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Bulk Email Address List Service
High Quality Email Address Lists for Direct Email Marketing




The fresh list of 230.000.000+ email addresses AND Software on 2 CDs !


You can easily order this system on 2 CDs with 230,000,000+

email addresses + mass mailing and internet related software +
14 eBooks and guides + Books + + +

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Software:   Description:
Express Mail Server   Sends millions of emails, bypassing your ISP's Mail Server. 
Lead List Builder Pro   Harvest millions of email addresses from data on the internet. Simply  type in a key word to describe the kind of customer you are looking   for and this software will search the Internet for relevant leads.
List Manager   Cleans and modifies lists. A clean list is essential for success.
Other Software   Great Package of Mass Mailer, Email Extractors, IP Cloaking, List Manager...
Lead Lists:  
205 Million E-Mail Addresses   Fresh list of 230 million email addresses from every major ISP.
15 Million Non U.S. Addresses   This is a list of email addresses from around the world. This list is broken down by country or region. Every major country is included.
12 Million Targeted Email Leads   This is a list of targeted email leads. There are different types of business and consumer special interests included. This information is a gold mine!
Reports & Instructions:  
Bulk E-mail eBooks, Guides & Reports   Excellent guides on how to get started with email and internet marketing - avoid some of the common mistakes.


Our Fresh CDs contains over 230 million e-mail addresses, including targeted e-mail lists sorted into numerous categories. Perfect for mass email advertising and online marketing campaigns. 


The Fresh CD Contains:

ABSOLUTELY NO DUPLICATES. Contains over 230 million different addresses!
You will not waste time emailing the same customer twice.

No Computer Generated Addresses. All addresses were collected from real live internet users!

Easy to Send Format. We sorted all lists into easy to manage folders in a simple text (txt) format that is compatible with of all the Bulk Email software available today which makes it easier for you to send.

Valid Addresses. All domains have been verified as valid, so you aren't sending emails to domains which don't exist.


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CD one

230 Million e-mail addresses


CD two

This CD contains e-mail addresses targeted by the following:
AOL MCI CompuServe By state USA Auto
Adult Canada Classify Culture Dinning
Gamble Garden Geographic Golf Health
Homebiz Holist International Internet Invest
Misc Music Netmark Oppseek Opt-in
outdoors  pet lover psychic recreant sci-fi
showbiz Travel Sport Web Design Super list 
The Tropics        

 Addresses by State and Area code:
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkamsas Colifornia Colorado Couneticut
Delaware District of columbia Georgia Hawaii Idaho illinois Indiana
Lowa Kansas Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New mexico New york North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Viginia Wisconsin Wyoming
More US            

US City:

Austin Bakersfield Baltimore Baugor Baton Rouge Beaverton Berkeley
Bererly Hills Boise Boston Boulder Brokenarrow Buffalo Carlsbad
Cedar rapids Champaign Chapel Hill Charleston Chattanooga Chicago Columbia
Columbus Denver Detroit Honolulu Houston Huntsville Madison
Miami Nashville New York city Phoenix city Richmond Salt lake Salukis
Smaiitowns Trenton WashDC Albany Albuquerque Altoona Amarillo
Anaheim Atlanta Aurora        


Australia Austria Brazil Canada
China Denmark Finland France
Germany India Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Mexico Netherland
New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal
Russia Singapore South Africa Spain
Sweden Switzerland UK over 150 other countries!


Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland
Nova Scotia  Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon & NW Territories Ontario

The Tropics:
Antigua Buhamas Barbados Bermuda British&Virginislands
Caribbean Islands Cayman Islands Grenada Guam Jamaica
Puerto Rico St.Kitis&Neris St.Lucia Trinidad&Tobago Turks&Caicos Island
US Virgin Islands        




 1. A Beginners Guide to Starting High-Income Business on the Internet

 2. Classified Magic

 3. Common Sense Selling

 4. Marketing Online

 5. The SUPER Tips Book of Internet Marketing


 7. Scientific Advertising

 8. The Professional's Guide to Bulk E-Mail

 9. Email Marketing


Internet Marketing Library

10. Guerilla Web Promotion and Marketing v. 1.2

11. Search Engine Tactics v. 1.92

12. Targeted Direct Email Marketing v. 1.1



230 Million E-Mail Addresses Count by Domain
Domain: Count: Deliverabiliy Rate:
78 %
 Big Foot
82 %
69 %
71 %
82 %
70 %
 General Addresses
79 %
69 %
77 %
87 %
 Mail City
80 %
 Mail Excite
77 %
 Lycos Mail
74 %
68 %
75 %
76 %
81 %
 Southwestern Bell
73 %
74 %
72 %
68 %
79 %
76 %
75 %
80 %
 Free UK
79 %


All This For Only $39.00 !
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Receiver: Andrej Lehmann

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