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commands during the work with the lines on British ships.


1/ command to all 'take up the slack'

2/ command to all 'take the strain' as the rope is taken off the pin leaving one turn for friction control

3/ command to all '2-6-heave' repeated until:

4/ command to all 'well on that' that is to stop pulling but continue to take the strain

5/ command to all 'take the strain' as the stopper rope is put on to keep the rope under control

6/ command to all 'stopper on'

7/ command to all 'ease to the pin' that is keep the strain on the rope but move forwards to give the rope some slack at the pin

8/ command to all 'come up' which means immediately drop the rope, except for the lead person who uses the slack to wind the rope three times round the pin. The stopper is then removed.