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What to take with you for a trip.


I get regular e-mail requests about what to pack for a voyage on a tall ship.  So here you find my personal packing-list:

2 jeans (stretch if possible and not new)
fleece jacket
goretex jacket
2 pairs of good shoes
woolen pullover
underwear, socks, t-shirts
swimsuit, towel, sun cream
ear plugs
pocket knife
cork screw
paper and pen
bandana for the hair (don't go aloft without, you might get tangled)
camera and enough films
alarm clock
wrist watch
sailing gloves (biker's gloves will do)
 soap, tooth brush, comb, hairbrush, etc
Nescafe, chocolate, some cans of coke
a cup
little money (coins)
something to read
English/Russian pocket dictionary
photo of my family

Additionally I normally take one set of smarter clothes (navy blue/white) in case of taking part in official occasions like crew parades, etc. and in case of being invited to a private (birthday-) party a skirt and high heels.

If you own a mobile phone it can make sense to take it. Phone calls from on board are possible, but expensive. Whenever the ship is in sight of land you can use your mobile to keep the contact to your friends and family alive if you wish to do so.

If you have an own safety harness and lanyard you are welcome to bring it. You can borrow a harness from the cadets for climbing in the rigging, but you won't get a personal one for the voyage what means you will have to adjust it  every time.

And one last hint. You have absolutely no space in your cabin for suitcases. So take either a sailor bag or another inflatable baggage.