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Maritime Links

Tall Ships I sailed on
MIR Official website of the German agent Ulrich Glantz
LORD NELSON + TENACIOUS Website of the Jubilee Sailing Trust 
ROYAL LOUISE Website of the Berlin tall ship in German language
KASKELOT Website of Square Sail Shipyard Ltd.
KRUZENSHTERN Official website of the ship
FRIDTJOF NANSEN Official website of the ship
SANTA BARBARA ANNA Homepage of the Rostock based schooner
SEDOV Official  Homepage of the 4-Mast-Barque
ROALD AMUNDSEN Homepage of the German sailtraining brig
SEA CLOUD Homepage of  Sea Cloud Cruises

Information about tall ships in general

Sail Training International New international Organisation of Sailtraining Associations
Tallship-Fan Best tallships linklist in the net.
Andreas Zedlers Tallships-Pages Lots of information about tallships.
Delphi Tallship Crew's Worldwide Forum Forum about sailtraining and tallships.
Delphi Historic Vessels Forum Forum about historic vessels.
Parusniye Korably Tallships page of the Russian navy.
Sailing Ship Pages Another linklist.
Windjammer-Shop Animated gifs and more about tallships.
Hanse-Sail Major tallships festival in the Baltic Sea.
Tallship Friends (D) e.V. Informations about  tallships voyages.
Windjammerfreunde Muenchen Munich based club of tallships freaks.
private homepage: Frank Baur Suggestions for those who plan to board a tallship as trainee.
Jammerlinks Collection of websites of windjammerfans.
The Tallships People Booking of berths during the races.
Traditional Boats and Tallships British Tallships Magazine
Max Mudie's Tallshipstock What is blond with blue eyes and shoots tallships? MAX!
Seereisen-Portal Linklist about providers of tallships voyages.
Global Crew Network Find a job on a tallship...
Hartmanndesign Handcrafted figureheads from Germany
John Carlisle's Squarerigged Ships Tallships Website from Newzealand
Maritime Links (dk)   Danish linklist

Sites of other tall ships

Schulschiff Sedov  Friends of the SEDOV.
Freundeskreis der Khersones e.V. 
Interesting site about MIR's sistership.
Freundeskreis "Dar Mlodziezy" e.V. The Polish sistership of MIR.
STS Nadezhda MIR's Far Eastern sister.
Seafaring & Sailing
Europaeisches Segler Informations
Best German sailing pages.
Russian Sea Maganzine Russian source for nautical information of all kind.
The Nautic Domain Sailing pages and photo pages from the Tallships 2000.
Schlei-Online Baltic relevant link list.
Maritime World Lots of interesting stuff about seafaring.
Maritime Britain 2000 Games, animations, interactive navigation training...
Sailinks Something to smile about...
Klaubautermanns Knotentafel Learn knots through animated gifs.
Seemanns-Home Info page for seamen.
Zumr Rettungsanker Life aid for seamans' wives.
Marine Waypoints Link list about everything connected with the sea.
Boat-Links Another link list.
Seasafety Test your nautical knowledge.
Seemannsschicksale Stories of and about seamen.
Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbruechiger Everybody who sails German waters should know them.
Morskaya Biblioteka Kalanova Russian link list and more.
Maritime Sites Nautical pages from Australia.
Navorals at it's best Answers to many possible questions in the navigation exams
Jens Graikowski Jens sailed with me on LORD NELSON
Stefan Peltis Stefan sailed with me on MIR 
Alexander Muehl German sailing freak and his site about the ship with the green sails.
Ina Koys German Eye-of-the-wind-lover.
Jan Dierlich Jan sailed on MIR from 1989 to 1992
Rolf Freudenberg MIR-trainee May and August 2002
Angus Cross Canadian MIR-trainee with a sea-related website.
Manfred Schilling Manfred is one of the oldest friends of the MIR. He also provides booking information and a schedule which is sometimes more up to date than mine.
Alexander Maller The son of MIR's 2nd engineer sailed the tallships race 2001 on RUS and SHABAB OMAN.
Mr.Casper Website of Denis, who was cadet on MIR 2001.
Chris Brady Chris from the UK shares his experiences on board several tallships with us on his homepage.
Siebo Moehring Siebos Page about the Alexander v. Humboldt.
Micky 2000 Alexander von Humboldt fanpage
Gernot Pirker Austrian sailing fan.
Papa Charlie Piet from the Netherlands and his tallships page.
Gerry Hodgson No sailor but a nice guy from England.
de Plattmaster About a German dialect that formerly was used as lingua franca on many ships.
Well Sailing Hamburg based sailing school who co-operates with the MIR
Yacht AKELA Homepage of the Russian sail training yacht
J. Jonscher Yacht charter and sailing voyages off Ruegen
Michaela Giese A Sea-Woman from Hamburg
Merchant Fleet Links
Hansa Shipping The company I work for. You can see where I am on the vessel tracking page.
Grosse Seefahrt Discussion forum for seafarers
Fachbereich Seefahrt Warnemuende Nautical studies branch of the Wismar University of Applied Sciences
IMO International Maritime Organisation

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