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Technical data and facts about the MIR.


Name of Vessel: S.T.S MIR (Peace)
Owner: Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Call sign: UFPV

Rig: ship
Used as: active sailtraining vessel
Homeport: St. Petersburg/ Russia
When launched: 1.12.87
Commissioned: 1988

Length extreme: 108,9m
Length of the hull:
Length in the waterline: 79,65m
Beam: 14m
Height above waterline: 52m
Deck above waterline: 4,6m
Draught: 6,6m 

Sailarea: 2771 square meters
Gross tonnage: 2257 GT
Net tonnage: 677 NRT

Watertank: 300t
Fueltank: 200t 
Electric service: 380 / 220 V

Engine: 2 x 570 HP (SULZER)
Max. speed under sails: 20 knots (over a longer time 18 knots)
Max. speed under engine: 11 knots (8 knots)
Drive: 3-Blade controllable pitch propeller
Radius of action: 50 days

Fuel for generating systems: 60 days
Fuel for main engine: 15 days
Fresh water: 17 days
Dry provisions: 120 days
Meat, fish, potatoes: 60 days
Remaining provisions: 30 days

Crew: 50 crew, 95 cadets, 60 trainees, 4 teachers
Minimum crew: 24 men (no sails possible)


(includes sails, all running and standing rigging, masts, spars)

Under all sails: 2881 sqm
Without jibs and upper staysails: 2359 sqm
Without jibs, royals and upper staysails: 1704 sqm
Only topsails, lower staysails, inner jibs: 980 sqm
Under stormsails: 459 sqm
Hull and superstructures plus masts and spars (with packed sails): 920 sqm

permanent crew:

2. 5. mate 
2. 4. engineer
chief bosun
3 bosuns (main-, fore- and mizzen-)
sailmaker, carpenter, bosun's mate
6 able seamen
6 machine men
5 cooks
4 stewardesses,
1 purser


The ship's mail address:

Admiral Makarov State Academy
Sail Training Ship "MIR"
Kosaya Linia, 15-a,
St. Petersburg, 199106,

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