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flag: Germany
owner: Verein Traditionsschiff Fridtjof Nansen e.V.

3 masted topsail schooner, 43m length of hull, 850m2 sail area, 12 crew + 32 trainees.

Youth sailing vessel. Provides adventure voyages for young people. Trainees are mainly between 15 and 25 years, but older people are welcome as long as they are willing to stick to the rules of the ship.

The trainees are accomodated in 6 sleeping departments of different sizes. Bunk berths and hammocks are optinal.

4 meals a day. Quality and quantity change as the crew and trainees cook themselves and every team is free to decide what to prepare.

The main programme is to live together on the vessel for some time. To see new things and places, to learn seamanship and to run the vessel. Trainees and crew are working together. The only difference between the voluntary crew and the trainees is the price they pay. Once on board everybody is treated equal. The trainees and the crew do all things together: working with sails, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, navigation, ... On longer voyages even the position of the master will be handed over to the crew/trainees and Cpt. Temme only has an eye on it.

During winter the ship sails a long voyage of 6 months. There is only 1 crew exchange inbetween. This is normally a school voyage for students between 16 and 18 years. They take a semester off school and join the vessel to "go to school at sea". There will be lessons and excursions during the voyage. The ship has the status of a boarding school then.

During Summer the ship operates in the Baltic Sea. Economical need forces them to take part in all kind of port festivals. Many day trips are held then. During the week the ship sails with trainees. Outside the German school holidays the trainees are mostly adults.

The costs are 66 EURO per day.

Contacts over temmeh@fnansen.de

Homepage www.fnansen.de