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Baerbel's Homepage was made by:



 Baerbel Beuse


 photos, if not noted differently,
 texts, if not noted differently.

 Thank you to:

 Jens Beuse, my son


helped me with the programming work and the
 scanning and layouting of the photos.


 Julia Kuznetsova


 made Russian translations,
 corrected my nautical dictionary,
 cared for my children when I was at sea.


 Nicole Graf


 allowed me to use her photos,
added texts,
 brought me up when I was down.


 Sergey Timoshkov, Master of STS "MIR"


 added own texts and photos,
 always found the time to explain me technical and navigational details.


 Victor Antonov, Master of STS "MIR"


 allowed me try out anything myself on MIR,
 let me make my own experiences even in tricky situations,
 had an open ear for my hundreds of questions.


 Gennady Milkin, Professor at the academy


 gave me his Russian handbook of the MIR and allowed me to use parts of it.


 MIR' crew


 helped me to achieve my sea legs,
 taught me such a lot about the sea, sailing,
 MIR, Russia and last not least about
 practised Russian language with me,
 always had a cup of coffee for me
 and always welcomed me warmly when I
 entered the gangway.


 Heiko, Volker, Ina, Eva-Maria, Alexander


 who technically tested my website 
 and told me frankly what did not work
 or was not so good.

 this page was updated 10/07