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Name of the vessel: STS KRUZENSHTERN
flag: Russia
owner: Baltic Fishing Fleet Academy, Kaliningrad, Russia

4 masted barque
114,5m length over all, main mast 55m above waterline,
crew about 200 persons, 40 spaces for trainees.

"KRUZENSHTERN" is a civil school ship and educates cadets for the Russian fishing fleet.

The trainees are accommodated in sleeping compartments of 8-12 berths. They are taking their meals in a separate mess room that can used for sitting together in the evenings, too. The trainees are strictly divided from the cadets and crew. Taking part in the watches is not possible.

The trainees are more or less regarded as passengers. It is possible to climb on the mast after instruction, but working aloft and on deck is only for cadets (although exceptions can be made for skilled trainees). The ship's language is Russian and all commands will be given in Russian language. An English speaking contact officer mend the problems of the trainees.

The vessel operates worldwide, though the need to change cadets in Kaliningrad restricts the radius of the vessel mainly to the North Atlantic (and connected waters as Mediterranian Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea). Having mostly German trainees, the vessel regularly calls in German ports. During winter the ship operates around the Canary Islands.

The voyages are at 80$ per day what includes 4 meals a day (Russian cuisine). Linen and towels are provided. Daily hot showers are possible. The ship has a hospital unit and a ship's surgeon is on board at any time. .

Booking agency is Tallship-Friends Germany