STS Roald Amundsen

Tenerife - Lisbon 2007


Belonging to the rotating permanent crew I sailed the delivery voyage from Sta. Cruz de Tenerife to Lisbon in February 2007. We had a bit of rough weather and almost all the time unfavourable winds. But as you can see from the photos we still had a good time and set sails whenever it was possible.

By rigging the ROALD AMUNDSEN is a brig. She sails under the German flag and is operated by the German charity "Leben Lernen auf See e.V." who uses her for sail training voyages for mixed crews of adults and young people. You need no previous sailing knowledge to  have a go on her as during the voyage your watch leaders, the master and his mates will teach you everything you need to know.

The permanent crew is completely voluntary. Everybody interested in becoming a member of this permanent crew can take part in a training programme on board to become deck hand or watch leader. Those with yachting qualifications (minimum "Sportseeschifferschein" -  German equivalent of yachtmaster offshore) can take part in a training programme to become mates or even masters on traditional sailing vessels. There is also a number of active or retired professional mariners who belong to the permanent crew. To maintain a high standard of safety and good seamanship regulary special courses are held for the crew, such as manoeuvring trainings, safety trainings, rigging classes, etc.

The ROALD AMUNDSEN operates mainly in European waters. She regularly spends the winter months in the Canary Islands. In summer she takes part in the STI Tall Ships Races and major festivals in the Baltic and North Sea.

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