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Mir Kruzenshtern Fridtjof Nansen Royal Louise Sedov Mary Anne II Lord Nelson Roald Amundsen Kaskelot Sea Cloud Sta Barbara Anna

Tall Ship Sailing 

Welcome on my homepage about tall ship sailing. Since 1999 I have been sailing on tall ships. I got started as a trainee on the Russian sail training ship "MIR" and even though having meanwhile sailed on many other tall ships and also on cargo ships, the "MIR" still has a special place in my heart and I keep coming back to her. So comes that most of the material on this site is based on the board life there. Yet every ship brings new opportunities to learn and shows new aspects of sailing. Thus I also collected a lot of information and shot a lot of photos whenever I went to sea. The homepage reflects this and as a result you can find information, travel logs and photos about...

...the "Mir"

shipdatahistory, my first trip, trainee-life, navigation training

in the shipyard, from the outside, scenes 1, scenes 2, port scenes, trainee sceneswinter time, under sails 1, under sails 2engine room,

inside the ship, galley scenes, in St. Petersburg, sunsets + sunrises, crew

...some other tall ships I sailed on

photo page

Roald Amundsen
photo page

Lord Nelson
travel log, photo page

Mary Anne II
travel log

Santa Barbara Anna
photo page

travel log, photopage

photo page, parusa kruzenshterna

Royal Louise
photo page

Jean de la Lune
ship info

Fridtjof Nansen
photo page + travel log

Sea Cloud
photo page

...shipboard life and seamanship, especially, but not only on Russian ships 

 packing-listsea watches, board lifewho is who, English rigging plan, Russian rigging plan,

sails in detailrunning riggingmasts and sparssailshand the sails, commands, commands 2 (russ.)

2-6-heavesafetyemergencylife raftmore safetystability, bad weather sailing, trimming-and-steering, navigation, look-out

collision avoidancehelm watch, standard wheel orders,

 tacking and wearing, more sail manoeuvresweatherMarpol Conventionlanguage-training

nautical terminology, board announcements, russian sea charts, poem "sea fever", poem "seamen", german poem, poem "September" (german)

working on a tallship, sailor's quotes, , tallship crews worldwide forum



in distress (09/03), cat-sailing in San Francisco

...maritime education and cargo ships

cs5 cs6 brake
Containerships V Containerships VI Brake Hansa Liberty Alianca Gavea

STCW 95 Basic Safety Training

Travel log: deck hand on a container vessel

Cargo watch on a container vessel

Through the Ice

Summer on a Coaster

Containership impressions

...general information and information about me

links, guest book, guest mapimpressum

curriculum vitae

... a German Version of this website

Deutsche Homepage