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Working on a tall ship

you dream about crewing on a tall ship? What can you expect?

  Trainee/Voyage Crew Volunteer Permanent Crew


you pay for sailing none yes
Refund of travel expenses no depends normally yes
Accommodation whatever you book bunk in big cabin 1-2 berth cabin

normally the same for everybody on board

Drinks in the bar you pay you pay special arrangements
Working hours you are included in everything but mainly you shall have fun

level – you still shall have fun!

minimum 10-12 hours per day 7 days per week
Kind of work mainly fun-jobs more tricky jobs the shit jobs
Responsibility none depends on your ability and your position you are fully responsible for everything you do and also for that what the trainees and volunteers do under your supervision or command
Experience needed none some voyages as trainee previous sea time as volunteer and/or maritime education
Necessary documents passport passport,
personal logbook,
passport and/or seamanbook,
medical fitness cert.
Qualifications needed none depends on the position on board, normally proof of received training full valid STCW certificates as necessary for the position you work in
Medical condition required no communicable diseases, everything else depends to the ship’s rules physically fit and able bodied fully seaworthy as per medical fitness certificate
Age limits none, though some ships have restrictions over 16 over 18
Watch keeping yes, if you are able, but not alone yes, but normally also not alone yes, with full responsibility
Allowed to drink alcohol normally yes, if you are over 18 as per SOLAS you are expected to decide this on your own in accordance with SOLAS rules
Participation in drills

Everybody on board has to take part in the drills held.

Member fire-fighting party


yes, as assistant yes, according to the level of training you have
Member of the boat squad no yes, as assistant yes, according to the level of training you have
You are regarded on as guest helping hand employee
You are expected to have a great time help the crew do your job
Wearing uniform no sometimes crew t-shirts or alike uniform or crew clothing at least on official occasions
Shore leave you are mostly off duty in port normally no problem though you will have to do some jobs while in port not for granted- it can happed that you do not set a foot ashore for several days

However, things vary between the ships. This is just to give a short overview about working on a tall ship.