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July 15, 1968. Two crying creatures in a neon-lighted delivery room. A baby boy, uncomfortable in the cold, antiseptic hospital-scenery, wondering why he couldn't stay where it was warm and cozy. And a shocked mother, wondering if these long, spiderlike fingers were reality or forced to her brain by the endorphines emitted from her body. They were as real as the yelling cries from the desperate boy's deepest soul.

Twelve years later. The boy became interested in the opposite sex and didn't really succeed, then he recognized the opposite sex' interest in guitarists and singers. Knowing he couldn't sing for sure, he started torturing his fingers - their length came in handy now - with his father's old, beaten steel-string guitar. If any girl noticed him now, he couldn't tell.

Another three years later his voice didn't break anymore, that's when he started singing to his playing, although he still didn't write any songs. That started in 1985, when he formed the legendary 'Tiff Tiger & the Eggbreakers', together with some classmates. After moving around a lot and playing in several bands while drinking in several bars and suceeding and failing with several girls he decided to work on his songs all alone.

So today he's found his town, his bar, his woman and his very own style. And right now he's in the recordings for a new album with his new producer Michael Beckerle.

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