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Order-No. 10001

Sixteen early (home-)recordings, including songs later recorded and released on other CDs. Amongst others 'Could You Be My Sun', 'A Picture Can't Picture You', 'Walking Home Alone', 'Woman In Uniform', 'Will We Ever Meet Again', 'Man In The Corner', 'Midnight At The Corner Bar' are contained. Remastered by Reinhold Müller, RRR (Rein Records Rimpar). Limited edition (100), with signature - mail us your desired dedication.

EUR 5,50/$ 6,00 (+postage/packaging).

Order-No. 10002

This five-track album was recorded in 2000 by Tobias Frank. Additional instruments like organ, strings or tuba were added to guitars, vocal, bass and drums. Featured songs: 'Will We Ever Meet Again', 'Walking Home Alone', 'Woman In Uniform', 'Water In The River' and 'A Picture Can't Picture You'.

EUR 4,00/$ 4,50 (+postage/packaging).

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