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About This Layout

December 19th 2004

Isn't this layout pretty? I have had the image for the longest time but never get a chance to make anything out of it. It took me two days to complete because I sort of lost interest in the middle. This design uses a lot of brushes for the background. Major blendings were involved as well. I love the way the flower turns out as well as how vintage the piano looks.

This layout can be use for any type of sites. There's plenty of space here for content and navigation. Navigations uses traditional text links on the left column. This layout can be viewed under any screen resolution of 800x600 or above and any web browser that support css well. Have fun and please don't forget to give me credits. Actually, the credits links is there already, just leave it alone and you're fine =^.^=

Ivy Tran

Using This Layout

  1. Unzip and upload everything in a single file into your main directory server.
  2. Please be aware that you must know a fairly enough amount of HTML in order to use this layout.
  3. Open index.html edit your navigation and content.
  4. If you have any problems editing this layout, feel free to post your questions at the Aethereality Message Board


  1. Image: Index Stock Imagery
  2. Brushes: Pretty Brush and Hybrid-Genesis.com
  3. Fonts: Cezanne
  4. Click Here for brushes and images credits.

Copyrights & Credits

  1. Do not remove the link back to my site.
  2. Do not alter the link back to my site.
  3. Do not alter the HTML coding for the layout.
  4. Do not alter the images in anyway.
  5. Do not use this layout on Xanga.
  6. If you feel that abiding these rules is too hard or it will makes your site somewhat *unprofessional*, all you have to do is pay me and I'll make one for you.

Designed by Aethereality.net

Designed by Aethereality.net