These stories are mostly slash (male/male) and focused on John Crichton/Ka D'Argo.



Drop the Soap
complete by Anne Higgins 33 kb John/D'Argo
John, D'Argo, shower and Earth versus Luxan rituals. Takes place shortly after the first ep. Mild AU as it ignores future het canon.


All or Nothing
complete by Candytop 27 kb John/D'Argo, John/Other
Rescuing a group of stranded Luxans turns out to be a BIG mistake... Lots of angst.


Boys' Night In
complete by Laura Cooksey (Website) 43 kb John/D'Argo
Left to their own devices aboard Moya, the boys indulge in some vices...


complete by WitchQueen (Website) 3 kb John/D'Argo
BDSM. That part of the cycle...


Mindless Fun
complete by WitchQueen (Website) 7 kb John/D'Argo
D'Argo's bored. John isn't.


Nerve Ending
complete by WitchQueen (Website) 15 kb John/D'Argo


New Deal
complete by WitchQueen (Website) 5 kb John/D'Argo, implied m/f
John wants to renegotiate the relationship. This is a dialogue only story, and will only make sense if you watched the last few minutes of Vitas Mortis and The Hidden Memory.


The Education of a Modern Galactic:

Lesson 1: Communication - Licking Your Plate Clean

unfinished by WitchQueen (Website) 16 kb John/D'Argo
In which John successfully executes his plan, and D'Argo laughs at him.