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Blockpraxis in Pfunds

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1st form 3rd set:    1st week 1 2 3  2nd week    3rd week    4th week
2nd form 2nd set:  1st week  1 2    2nd week    3rd week    4th week
4th form 1st set:    1st week           2nd week    3rd week    4th week

The 4th form proudly                 presents...                                      history of Ireland                                                              our project

Irish food and drink

material                                         Gruppenliste

bingo: easy(1)   words(1)  animals(1)  lessons(2)

to be allowed to sheets(2)       advertisement(4)

vocabulary test U15(2)  words story: "the bullies"(2)

(): I've used it in this form

tourist guide

transportation and hotels





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