Skencil Plugins


20. October 04 A new bugfix release of autoshapes (0.2.1). The main change is the fixing of an install problem.
18. September 04 A new version of autoshapes
25. April 04 Added a link to the MyWord text plugin
New Version of the pyshell scripting window, fixing a bug concerning command completion

Tranform Script

This little script allows to move, scale and rotate objects by specified values. Optionally a copy is left at the former position, so you can easily create fancy spirals and other stupid things.



This is a scripting window for Skencil. It uses the concept of notebooks, which is also used in Mathematica and Maple. The notebook (the document) is organized in cells which can be executed by pressing Shift-Enter. Notebooks can be loaded, saved and also exported to HTML. Included is the turtle library which simplifies drawing. I put some nice demos here.

download pyshell_sk-0-2.tgz
download pyshell_sk-0-3.tgz

Auto Shapes

A boundle of useful plugin objects (arrow, cube, star, cylinder, ...), inspired by the Autoshapes they have in Word and Powerpoint.

The objects are highly configurable by dragging the handles, as shown below for the star object.

download 0.2.1

download 0.2

download 0.1


Graph is a plugin for Skencil, which allows to draw simple graphs directly in Skencil.It is basically an interface to the command line of the "graph" command of the gnu plotutils.Possible graph types are therefore scatter and line plots of on eor more data sets. Plot options have to be entered as command line paramters like -f 0.1 -X 'x_label' ...

The plugin just calls the 'graph' utility with the given paramters and hands the output (in xfig format) over to Skencils import filter. I guess it is neither very comfortable nor very useful. But if you need to interface other programs in a similar way, this could be done by making only little changes to the code.


Text Plugin

This is my attempt to the give Skencil better text capabilities. The plugin allows to edit text in an extra window and insert it into the drawing. The text can be changed in size, color and font.

The current version has the following features:


A slightly more recent version is distributed with the stable version of skencil.

NOTE: There is now a completely rewritten version of the text plugin. It has its own page.


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