The page, where you can make
800.000 €, $ or £ in 7 months.

Welcome to Easymoneymake!

You want to become rich legally within a few months
by using your computer and the internet from home?

You are sceptic, you think this is unbelieveable?

That's ok, but in a few minutes you will exactly know how it works.

It is almost unbelieveable but true!!!

This program ruled Germany within a few months time
and now it's available to the English speaking world.

All you need is 70 €/$/£ to start with, a computer with internet-connection,
a valid email-address, patience and creativity.

Except on-line fees there will be no further expences.

Thank you very much for your time and interest!

Yours sincerely


What do you have to do to become rich?


How to continue




What do you have to do to become rich?

First of all you must be convinced that this program works.

Further success depends just on you.

This is how it works:

You will buy 7 E-Books for a total of 70 €/$/£ which you will receive by email.

After you possess these 7 E-Books, the purpose is to use
the free advertising possibilities in the internet
to advertise this program and to resell the mentioned E-Books.

This program works, if your aim is to
20 orders for E-Book No. 1
and at least 100 orders for E-Book No. 2.
This should enable you to make 800.000 €/$/£ and more.

You are sceptic?

That's ok, but look at the following example: 


Your goal is to make more than 800.000,-- €/$/£, in order to see how this program works?

Good, because this example is based on your goal
to recruit only 5 people for your first level
and each person in your program recruits only 5 further participants

then this would be your success:

1st Level

5 participants

50,-- €/$/£

2nd Level

25 participants

250,-- €/$/£

3rd Level

125 participants

1.250,-- €/$/£

4th Level

625 participants

6.250,-- €/$/£

5th Level

3.125 participants

31.250,-- €/$/£

6th Level

15.625 participants

156.250,-- €/$/£

7th Level

78.125 participants

781.250,-- €/$/£


976.550,-- €/$/£

If you should however use the details written in the 7 E-Books,
you will easily gain much more!

Imagine for a moment what will happen if you recruit 20 participants.
Some have gained 100 participants and more!

For each 10 €/$/£-Note you will receive, you will have to dispatch the ordered E-Book by email.

Always send the E-book on the day of order!

Please provide that the E-Books are sent as soon as possible,
because your customer can only start his business after receiving your email.

How to continue

After understanding the goal of this program, you should ask
"how can I operate free advertising possibilities in the internet"?

This is very simple:

Each easily understandable written E-Book that you now possess
will show you
step by step 35 different ways of free advertising possiblities
in order to recruit new participants for this program.

And this is really all you have to do.

You are convinced by this program and it's philosophy!

Right! Now follow the instructions:


It is extremely important that you obey the following instructions!

Under no circumstances change the names and the order of names on the following list
than indicated as follows, as this will not work.

In no case change these instructions.

If you understood this program you will know why it doesn't work if you change it!

1st step:

Order all 7 E-Books on this list, as you are not allowed to sell E-Books you don't possess.

Send a 10 €/$/£-Note to the appropriate address, which means that
you are sending 7 letters to 7 different addresses.
Please wrap up the 10 €/$/£-Note with paper.

Write down the Order No. (E-Book No.1)
and the Title ("How to set up my first website") on your order.

Your email-address must be valid and clearly spelt as all the E-Books are dispatched by email.

Add your exact postal address on the order
in case there should be difficulties with your email-address.

Proceed the same way as mentioned above with orders No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

After a few days you will receive all E-Books by email.

Save and protect all E-Books on your computer
to forward them to those customers who will order them from you.

2nd step:

After you ordered the 7 E-Books, go to the following addresslist and
remove the name and address at E-Book No. 7 as this participant has achieved his goal.

Shift name and address at E-Book No. 6 downward to E-Book No. 7

Shift name and address at E-Book No. 5 downward to E-Book No. 6

Shift name and address at E-Book No. 4 downward to E-Book No. 5

Shift name and address at E-Book No. 3 downward to E-Book No. 4

Shift name and address at E-Book No. 2 downward to E-Book No. 3

Shift name and address at E-Book No. 1 downward to E-Book No. 2.

Insert your name and address at E-Book No. 1.

Make sure that your name and address are transfered correctly.


E-Book No. 1:

How to set up my first website (easy for beginners)

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

Kopier-und Druckcenter

Am Neutor 26

D-46535 Dinslaken


E-Book No. 2:

Free advertising possibilities No. 1 - 6

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

Miss Fit 

Vestische Str.209

D-46145 Oberhausen


E-Book No. 3:

Free advertising possibilities No. 7 - 12

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

Dirk Winterfeldt

Auf dem Stemmingholt 5a

D-46499 Hamminkeln  


E-Book No. 4:

Free advertising possiblities No. 13 - 18

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

Henry W. Gramstadt


D-46045 Oberhausen


E-Book No. 5:

Free advertising possiblities No. 19 - 24

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

Marcel Schδfer

Waldecker Str.11

D-47169 Duisburg


E-Book No. 6:

Free advertising possiblities No. 25 - 30

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

D.A.W.E. Wr. Equipment

Am Neutor 26

D-46535 Dinslaken


E-Book No. 7:

Free advertising possibilities No. 31 - 35

Order this E-Book for 10 €/$/£ at:

Christiane Winterfeldt

Auf dem Stemmingholt

D-46499 Hamminkeln



Finally save the complete text of this web page, 
including your altered addresslist
(your name and address at position E-Book No.1)
on your computer.

You are welcome to copy this program and pass it on to others.

Trust yourself and believe in your success!

May I wish you much luck with your goal to become rich.

All the best and take care.

Imprint: Owner and Publisher of this web page is the person No. 1 in the addresslist.