many detachable parts
+ simple model
.. and watch the driver
when the car gets an
heavy impact from the
side ;)

a slight modification of the MPJeep
finaly i saw how to atach
one part to another part
( not to the master )
send any comments to

!!! NEW !!!
Mark 9
well,must look somethink like this, if GM tries
to build a Ferrari.

All Carmageddon 2 cars on this page were made from scratch, using cared113 - its quite a long time since 1999. It took me about 24 hours to build the MPJeep, as it was my first try. I realy enjoied modding Carmageddon 2, but i wonder what makes people build 10 or more cars.
Nearly all pages with Carmageddon mods or addon cars seem to be dead.