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Broker geneve

The Safra Group is an international network of companies controlled by the Safra family, comprising a banking and financial institutions conglomerate, industrial operations and telecomunications. Present in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Safra Group has built a secular global reputation of tradition, security and conservative managed growth.

The Safra Group has numerous non-financial endeavors. In the paper and pulp sector, a partnership has fostered the development of the world’s largest bleached eucalyptus pulp producer, Aracruz.


During the 19th century and after the Napoleon’s military campaigns, the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the economies of Europe, the Mediterranean and North America was felt. Thanks to major inventions - the steam engine and electricity - trade grew rapidly and exponentially. Trading Floor | Dienstleistungen | Professionnelle Broker rund um.

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