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What an old-fashioned thing, a record label. But there's something comforting, as well, about the idea of physical discs full of mysterious tunes coming through your mailslot with the promise of untold sonic adventures.

The internet is all well and good, and a powerful tool (you're on it right now, after all) but lately I've been dreaming about a hi-fi system, a sitting room, a glass of whiskey, and an hour to kill getting lost in songs that haven't been hyped/counterhyped to death.

Am I alone in this? Time will tell. Mainly, we hope you get a chance to hear some of the fine music that death benefits artists are making, and we thank you for stopping by. Stay classy.

db001 - Van der Saar | Your Friends Are Knives CD-R (8 songs)
db002 - Lions | Lions Are Next CD-R Single (3 songs)
db003 - Van der Saar | Swedish Sheets CD-R (8 songs)
db004 - Van der Saar | Red Circle CD-R
db005 - Das Piumas | TBD CD-R

All CD-Rs cost $3 CDN. Please send money order or well concealed cash to:
First Floor, 105 Delaware Ave. Toronto ON Canada M6H 2S9