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We started to go much further afield because the offers were coming in. And if you're gonna do Australia and New Zealand it makes sense to do those other places (such as Indonesia) as well on route.

It was in India where some drug-crazed Indian jumped up on stage and bit into Pete's back, and he wouldn't let go! A load of police jumped on stage and they're beating this guy to death with riot sticks and still he continued to hang on. Pete still has the scar to this day.

I also remember one show in Bombay (following a major festival performance in San Diego with Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Eddie Money) being literally in the middle of a field, and our light show consisted of something like four light bulbs each side! A reporter asked me about our effects and I said, 'Yeah, on and off!'


We were spending so much time on the road though that I felt there was no time to do anything. I felt there wasn't enough time spent preparing on the new record (Equator).

...I bumped into Gary Moore while in Hamburg and he said I sounded terrible, asking if I'd lost my voice. I said no but we'd just played sixteen dates back to back. He told me I should sack my manager!

...I loved and believed in Uriah Heep but it kicked the s*** out of me in the end.


CBS just did a terrible job getting it (Equator) into the shops. We were going out and playing, doing really good business but you couldn't buy the bloody record!

...John (Sinclair) supplied his fair share of laughs for the band, though. I remember a time in Victoria, Canada, when after we'd been out drinking we returned to our room and he stuck his contact lenses in a glass of water next to his bed. He wakes up in the morning with a mouth like Ghandi's flip-flop, drinks the glass of water and swallows the lenses! I was woken up by the cry of 'Oh, f***!' And he's as blind as a bat without them, I tell you.

...It's hard getting the right people and it's very draining too, but if you believe in something you work at it.

Tomsk, Siberia, Russia, March 11, 1997

We toured everywhere in the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, and we were so disappointed at the promotion we received from the record company that by the end of that long touring year, Pete and John decided to leave the band and concentrate on songwriting. I could quite understand them as it is disheartening when you work that hard on a product in both the recording adn the touring of it and nobody has it in the shops or indeed even heard of it.

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