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High & Mighty

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Ferencek Nino (Maribor, Slovenia) writes "I think this album is very underestimated by Heep-fans, because the music is not the typical sort of Uriah Heep's music. I think it's one of the most brilliant rock albums ever, because it's melodic and shocking, too. The tracks like Weep In Silence and Can't Keep A Good Band Down are a good rockarollers, Footprints In The Snow is a marvellous love song with great voice structure, Midnight is a mystical guitar song with great lead vocals, Confession is an unexpectable sensible song with great piano background, Woman Of The World, Misty Eyes and Can't Stop Singing are a very melodic rock anthems and Make A Little Love is another roc&roll title,it reminds me of Black Sabbath's Paranoid, but it's 2 times better than Paranoid. In conclusion, it's a perfect rock milestone album."

Kenneth Murray (Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA) writes "I think High N Mighty is an underrated album and one of my favorite Heep albums. The songs Midnight and Weep In Silence are among Heeps finest songs. Bryon's last album with the band and is a must for any Heep fan. Thanks!"

Jari Perko (Turku, Finland) writes "I think HM is the most underrated Heep album considering the quality of music and brilliant musical performances. The album itself was the end of Byron era, and it was kept the absolute solo of Hensley. First - does it really matter, if Hensley is the definitive leader of the band? Certainly not if the result is really good music. Second - what does it matter, if the band is having a hard time and breaking apart, if they still can create great vibes and get better. HM is very consistent and it definitely shows every trick they could musically do. Songs apart: they're all great! But stop slagging HM off, if you consider yourself a true Heepster!"

Roger Gmann (Schweinfurt, Germany) writes "HIGH AND MIGHTY is not a typical Heep album, maybe this is due to John Wetton. The remastered version features his bass sound very well. I like the album, especially Weep In Silence, One Way Or Another, Confession and Name Of The Game. This is an album that shines when you listen to it more often."

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, US) writes "Underrated effort. I always thought this was a fine album, and I like it more now than I did when I first bought it. One Way or Another, Weep in Silence and Midnight are fantastic. RIP David Byron. I hate Can't Stop Singing though. What is strange is this song sounds EXACTLY like Three Dog Night, circa 1973. If you don't believe me, listen to their Cyan album."

Todd Pence (Fairfield, VA) writes, "The band handle production chores themselves on this one and produce a slick, polished product with a contemporary (for the time) sound. Several excellent songs such as Misty Eyes and the anthem Can't Keep A Good Band Down (a great response to their critics) which would have sounded ideal on FM radio. John Wetton really makes his presence felt here as well as on the previous release. Gerry Bron's dismissal of this as "Heep's worst album" sounds like sour grapes to me."

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