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Live In Europe 1979

March, 1987

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Overview: An uneven vocal performance, but an outstanding band performance. The band is very tight on most songs, especially the ones originally recorded by this lineup. On the older songs, however, the group's performance is not as strong. John in particular is quite flat on the Byron songs, Stealin' being the worst. Songs like Woman Of The Night absolutely rock and Free Me is much superior to the studio version. This album deserves to be remastered and released as a double CD set. Grade: B+

I'm still waiting for my remastered copy to arrive and will redo my review when it does. From what I've heard, the sound is vastly improved and the bonus tracks are excellent. Sounds like another great reissue job by Rob Corich!!

1. Look at Yourself - Ludwigshafen
2. Easy Livin' - Freiburg
3. Stealin' - Ludwigshafen
4. Falling in Love - Ludwigshafen
5. Woman of the Night - Ludwigshafen
6. Lady in Black - Ludwigshafen
7. Cheat 'n' Lie - Manchester*
8. The Wizard - Ludwigshafen
9. July Morning - Ludwigshafen

Recorded at:
Freiburg - Stadthalle - 1/19/1979
Ludwigshafen - Eberthalle - 1/20/1979
Offenbach - Stadthalle - 1/21/1979
Manchester - Apollo - 3/3/1979
London - Hammersmith Odeon - 3/7/1979

1. Free Me - Offenbach
2. One More Night - Freiburg *
3. I'm Alive - London
4. Who Needs Me - London **
5. Sweet Lorraine - London
6. Free 'N' Easy - London
7. Gypsy - Ludwigshafen
8. Easy Livin' - Manchester*
9. Stealin' - Manchester*
10. Lady in Black - Freiburg*
11. Gypsy - London*

* previously unreleased
** previously available on CD only on 'A Time Of Revelation' box set in edited format

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