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Return To Fantasy

Fan Reviews

Abdul Basheer (Singapore) writes "This is the ReIssue cd I was listening for the past few days.

Not the best Heep album esp when compared with Demons and Wizards but when taken on its own, its a good album with solid rock and roll tracks. Unlike many reissue cds, the bonus tracks on this one are outstanding and should have been on th original cd in the first place.

Song I am singing in my head at ths very moment is Why Did You Go....David Byron is one of the best vocalists ever."

Eric Spehar (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA) writes "I first bought this on tape at the Salvation Army for $.50 (it was an original, too, with a weird, 70's lookin' one peice cassette holder). I listened to it and was blown away by the title cut, but wasn't very impressed with the rest (though I recognized Your Turn To Remember and liked it). Now, just a few months back, I picked up the re-master - I believe it's the only available re-issue in the US. Anyway, after another listen, this is one of my FAVORITE Heep albums. I just love Showdown, Beautiful Dream, Devil's Daughter, and especially A Year Or A Day. But I have to admit, my favorite cuts are Time Will Come and Shout It Out - they just rock so hard, they are 2 of my favorite songs of all time."

Abel Garcia (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA) writes "Every single song in this album is great! MY FAVORITE ONE!!!!"

Carlos Alberto Pinto (Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil) writes "I enjoy very much with Shady Lady!"

Arthur Melkomukov (Barnaul, Russia) writes "Return To Fantasy "it's damn cool!"

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, USA) writes "I still think this is one of the best Heep albums of them all (I hate to disagree with Ken Hensley on that account... sorry, brother!). Again, this may be because it was one of my first Heep albums to own. The title track, Devil's Daughter, Beautiful Dream, (psychedelic drug trip music) and A Year or a Day are my favorites. Yet there is no filler to be found here. I think it has held up quite well."

Merrick Crittenden (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA) writes: " I have been listening to Return To Fantasy lately and the whole feel of that album just gets better with time. It's kinda like a fine wine - you just want more....."

Todd Pence (Fairfield, Virginia, USA) writes, "The band picks up the pace from Wonderworld, creating some bold, progressive music. They really sizzle here, especially on side one. The lyric writing is below standard, however, although Hensley does pen one of his best in A Year or a Day, one of Heep's great album-closers. The song Beautiful Dream sounds like it could have been recorded by Rush."

Roy Landgren (Kirkkonummi, Finland) writes, "Shout It Out is BRILLIANT song. It should have been on RTF."

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