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I think a lot of it is just that some people like David (Byron) and don't like me, some people like Ken (Hensley) but don't like Phil (Lanzon). Every singer who's been in Heep has been put up against David but the people who do this are locked away in their own little world, there will never be another Uriah Heep like the very first band. We've never tried to do anything else but bring our own personalities into the band and do the old songs to the best of our capability with our mental input. I don't know what David was thinking about when he sang July Morning, but I know what I feel every night when I sing it on stage, and I can see it in people's eyes. There's always going to be 2% of people who you can't please and I feel sorry for them because they haven't grown with the band. Uriah Heep has got a great history, it's had some amazing musicians in the band, and others who have tried for a position in the band and never made it, i.e. David Coverdale. But we all have brought something different to Heep and although this line up may not have been the most famous or rich, it's been the most stable for sure and we've written some really good tunes that will stand the test of time, especially of SOL. I think Love In Silence is one of my favorite songs and it's too bad the band hasn't had a major record label to push the album like Gerry Bron did.

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