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You can buy most of these CDs at

Or, if you prefer more personal service, you can call my favorite CD store, Soundwaves, at (206) 248-3959. I have been shopping at Soundwaves for several years and they have proven to be the most knowledgeable store I know of. They provide excellent service, can get virtually any CD in print, and will ship anywhere in the world. Just make sure you tell them that Jay sent you!

Soundwaves has also been recommended by Notes From The Edge, the Yes website.

If you live in the Seattle area, stop by and check 'em out (they're in Burien, not too far from Sea-Tac Airport).

If you're looking for The Lansdowne Tapes or Ken Hensley's From Time To Time, check out Red Steel Music, Rob Corich's label (yes, the very same Rob who did such a wonderful job remastering all the Heep, as well as Nazareth, CDs). He puts out some of the highest quality product available and it's just about the only place where you can get those 2 CDs.

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