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Overview - The addition of Cliff to The Gods' lineup and Ken moving to lead guitar toughened up the band's sound considerably, Cliff's voice not unlike a poor man's John Lawton and the band like BTO. Although the non-covers were written by Ken, they were credited to Cliff due to contractural difficulties. Following the second Toe Fat tour, Ken would leave for Heep and Lee for the National Head Band. John Glasscock died in 1979 at age 28 from a heart attack after joining Jethro Tull in 1975. Grade: B-
note: * indicates songs written by Ken.

1. That's My Love For You - A good rocker in the Gypsy tradition. Grade: B+

2. Bad Side Of The Moon - A very good cover of the Elton John song. Grade: B+

3. Nobody - This song was covered by a variety of bands and while this is better than the Doobie Brothers version, the version off Three Dog Night's first album is still the best. Grade: B

4. The Wherefors And The Whys* - Ken sings lead on this and yes, the spelling is correct. This would've fit very well on Ken's first solo album, Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf. Grade: A-

5. But I'm Wrong* - Good driving music. Reminiscent of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Grade: B+

6. Just Like Me - More BTO-style rock. Good stuff if you're into this style of music. Grade: B

7. Just Like All The Rest* - Slightly jazzy piece with some good flute and harmonica playing by Mox. Grade: B

8. I Can't Believe* - Ken gives his guitar a real workout on this, making this a highlight on the album. Grade: B+

9. Working Nights* - Bo Diddley rocker. More good driving music. Grade: B

10. You Tried To Take It All* - Status Quo-style boogie. Doesn't quite work as well as Love Machine. Grade: B-

1994 Reissue Liner Notes | 1997 Reissue Liner Notes

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