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Alexei Morokov (Ekaterinburg, Russia) writes, "UH is great! It's beautiful! It's real music. And I agree with Vini Vittiburga."

Kenneth Murray (Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA) writes, "I believe Wonderworld is an underrated, classic Heep album. It is one of my favorites. The songs I Wont Mind and Dreams are awesome and really stand out! The Easy Road is a good ballad. David Bryon's vocals are among the best of heavy metal bands. Every Heepster should own this album. Rating: A+ -- RIP David."

Roger Gmann (Schweinfurt, Germany) writes, "The song Wonderworld is a typical HEEP classic. Suicidal Man is a really heavy rocker and a great one. Dreams is a masterpiece. This album is not a weak one. The remastered version has a good bass sound."

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, US) writes, "One of my least favorite Heep albums. The title track, Something or Nothing, Easy Road, and Shadows and the Wind are right up there with Heep's best. Everything else seems like filler to me. We Got We still makes me cringe when I hear it. Killer organ sound on this album though! RIP Gary Thain."

Todd Pence (Fairfield, VA) writes, "Some good songs here, but brought down by hurried production and a weak side two. The first Heep album since the first to really contain "filler" tracks. The Easy Road, however, belongs on any Heep fan's top ten list."

Bob Dreher (Danville, IL) writes, "For the most part, I agree with your reviews ESPECIALLY where you stick up for Wonderworld. It is definitely not classic Heep's weakest album."

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