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Different World

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1991 Review | Mick Box

Album Review by Matt Silk (Metal Hammer?) - 3 stars

Neither heavy nor humble, today's Heep still manage to produce some solid Rock tunes. Effectively, guitarist Mick Box and the boys shouldn't be judged by their past glories. Same name, different group, different approach. That approach leans heavily in an AOR direction. The results are sometimes stunning and often sickening.

The choruses are viciously catchy. Take the melodic splendour of Which Way Will The Wind Blow for starters, or All God's Children which sports the inclusion of a kiddies choir. It's so naff that you'd hate to admit the song's been buzzing around your head since you heard it.

Can't help wondering what the Heep of old would have made of this at the time, but the band of today can be proud of Different World.

Vienna, November 19, 1997

We were originally going to use Richard Dodd as producer as a natural follow-on from Raging Silence, but unfortunately he could not produce this CD for us because he had commitments with Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty in the USA. Trevor took over the helm and did a sterling job in the circumstances, and earned the name 'Ross the Boss'. In the middle of recording, Trevor went to the USA to get married. We had a good time recording the choir on All God's Children, as they were from the local school, and were thrilled to be in a studio for the first time. We were going through a bit of an experimental time and I think that this will always remain an underrated CD. Yes, that is my voice at the end saying, "It's a funny old world... but different!!!"

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