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Welcome to the official website for the Yahoo Group Dexter Showtime. The group is for fans of the Showtime series "Dexter" starring Michael C. Hall.
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The series follows Dexter Morgan (Hall), an incredibly likeable forensics expert for the Miami Metro Police Department, who moonlights as a serial killer with a penchant for inflicting his own unusual brand of justice he kills people who truly deserve it." "Dexter" airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern.

How does a man charged with helping to solve some of Miami 's most heinous crimes by day commit the same brutal acts by night? What happens in a city where serial killers have a stalker of their own? Where does the line between serial killer begin and vigilante-style hero end? DEXTER, the new SHOWTIME original drama series, is a twisted story of a police department forensics expert who spends his off-time pursuing killers who have eluded justice.

Is it possible to root for a serial killer? DEXTER will test audiences' ethical resolve over its 12-episode run.

Based on the acclaimed novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, and executive produced by John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton and Clyde Phillips, DEXTER is a thought-provoking crime drama that tests the extremes of situational ethics and upends the concept of right and wrong. “It's not your mother's CSI,” says Robert Greenblatt, SHOWTIME's President of Entertainment. “This is a complex and fascinating look at serial killers which, up to this point, have been marginalized and made two-dimensional.”


Michael C. Hall stars as Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who only kills serial killers and bad guys while working for the Miami Police Department as a forensics blood spatter expert.
Julie Benz plays Dexter's girlfriend, Rita, who has intimacy issues. That's good, because Dexter does, too.
Lauren Velez is Lt. Maria LaGuerta, Dexter's boss. If it were up to her, her relationship with Dexter wouldn't be purely professional.
Jennifer Carpenter is Dexter's sister, Debra, a Miami cop with ambition who doesn't know her brother is a serial killer.
David Zayas portrays Angel Batista, a detective who works with Dexter.
Eric King plays Sgt. Doakes, the only one in the Miami Police Department who thinks there's something creepy about Dexter.
James Remar plays Dexter's father, a former homicide detective who teaches Dexter how to control and channel his homicidal tendencies.


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