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Hi. My name is Jon, and for the last decade I have worked on/been responsible for the fanzine, Diet Society. What you have, is the on-line, in color, and somewhat interactive DS. I should warn you, these pages contains foul language (at least five of the seven dirty words banned by the FCC) and heavy amounts of sarcasm. If you don't like sarcasm or naughty words go elsewhere.

Diet Society is a punk rock fanzine, that criticizes, pokes fun at, and if it is successful, questions society and it's values. It also reflects whatever the hell I'm currently interested in. Punk is supposed to be a fucking community, right? Then let's make it one.

Everything that is on-line is the best work from the past decade of criticism, and from the issue that is not yet available. How to get the goods? Place your cursor over the fine (naked) fellow on the left. His head, body, arms and feet will take you places. If that doesn't work, try the text links at the bottom of the page. And in the interests of expanding the multimedia aspect of the website, a band section for the musical revolutionary wing of the Diet Society.

As everything in life, this is an evolving process. Enjoy, and check back periodically, new things will pop up infrequently. Feel free to e-mail the web bastard with any comments about design, content or your various personalities at: For those weirdos who have sent mail, thanks. You will probably end up on some sort of page in the future. And no, there is no guest book to sign. Thank God.There is no meaninglessless award or ring of useless sites page either. Please bookmark this page if you wish to return to the Diet Society.

What's new? As of 14.11.01 (day-month-year)- Diet Society is officially dead. Not much to say except that I've enjoyed doing it, and while the last issue was the best, it also generated a lot less response/interest/interaction than any previous issue. And that was mostly the point of doing it. I ended up tallying 150 copies of the last issue, of which I was paid for less than 10. While I said to myself that I wasn't doing it for the money, I can't afford to blow $150 for what comes down to an enjoyable way to contribute to a scene that I feel has lost most of it's charm (the punk rock zine scene that is). That doesn't mean that punk is dead, although there ain't much inspiring for a 'zine editor to write about, except the current crop of really good bands that have energized me personally... So I've taken the print issue out to behind the barn to shoot it dead. That doesn't stop me from doing again, but for now and the next long while, I've got life-type projects to get done. Like school, work and the band I'm in.
One would think that with the print issues not a consideration anymore, that I'd have more time to dedicate to the website. Wrong, o flatulent pie eater! Actually, real life responsibilities are taking over.
Most of issue #10 is available on-line. In the distant and nearer future I will be adding a blow-by-blow of the Zapatista conflict broken down by year and month, and a much needed site re-design. Under the current section a feedback form (that's only two people have used). Also I'm thinking about converting some of the Real Audio files to MP3. Then again maybe not.Think you can do better? Then do it.

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