Yancey's Of Obscure or Uncertain Origin and Parentage

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Over the past twenty years, I have been able to identify most of the Early Yanceys of America and link them up with the main branches of the family: The Charles Yancey Branch and the The Lewis Davis Yancey Branch. There are, however, still some Yanceys whose parentage I have not yet been able to determine. The following is a list of Yanceys of the 18th & 19th century whose parentage has yet to be documented. Any information that you could supply concerning the identity of any of these Yanceys would be greatly appreciated as well as any help you might be able to provide as to research in identifying their relationship to the main branches of the Yancey family in America.

For further info see the Yancey Family Genealogical Database


CHARLES YANCEY: Charles Yancey married 8 Sep 1839 in Autauga Co., AL Centhelia E. Burton. The 1850 census of Montgomery Co., AL records one Elizabeth Yancey, age 24, Mary E. Yancey, age 10, Virginia Yancey, age 6, and Kate Yancey age 4 (living next to a John Burton). It seems quite possible that Centhelia E. Yancey and this Elizabeth Yancey are one and the same person. There are also various records of one Charles Yancey living in Wetumpka, Alabama in the 1840's and it would seem quite possible that this is one and the same Charles Yancey. It would seem that this Charles could very well be the son of one Jechonias & Mildred Wood Yancey of Albemarle Co., VA, who left Virginia at a young age and traveled to Alabama. No concrete evidence has yet been found positively linking all these families together.

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married 6 April 1846 in Jefferson Co., Alabama - John A. Glenn. They appear on the 1850 census of Dale County, Alabama. She is recorded as age 46 and he 51 - there are various children in the household 15 to 3 (from a previous marriage of John ??). Her parentage is quite uncertain - it may be she was a Yancey widow and this was her second marriage.

MARY / NANCY J. / SARAH YANCEY: On the 1850 Census of Lauderdale County, Aalabama is found one Mary Yancey - age 60 - birthplace unknown. In the same household is one Milly Yancey age 27, John Yancey age 21 and Nancy Yancey age 9. The exact relationship between these four persons is unclear. On the 1860 census the same family apperas to be recorded with some differences: Nancy J. Yancey age 70 born in NC (same person as Mary on 1850 census???), Permelia A. Yancey age 35, John C. Yancey age 29, Sarah A. Yancey age 22 and Martha A. Yancey age 9 - again the exact relationships are unclearr. It would seem that this Nancy J. Yancey (recorded in 1850 as Mary - possibly in error) may be the same Nancy Yancey who is found in Giles County Tennessee Court records about 1830 and recorded as a legatee of John & Elizabeth L. Moore Yancey. Further research needs to be done to ascertain if this is a valid possibility. It would seem that one Sarah Yancey who married one Richard Tutt 7 September 1837 in Lauderdale Co., AL is also related to these Yanceys.

THOMAS YANCEY: Married Polly (Mary?) May 27 September 1825 in Lawrence Co., AL. It would seem that this is the same Thomas Yancey who was the father of, among others, John Absom Yancey who married Elizabeth Driskill in Livingston Co., KY, and also a W. H. Yancey. Both of these Yanceys living in Kentucky. It is known that Ludwell Yancey who married Elizabeth Jeffries in 1792 and lived in Mason Co., KY - did have a son named Thomas, about which little is known.

WILLIAM R. YANCEY: On the 1850 Census of Baldwin County, Alabama is one William R. Yancey, age 40 with wife Virginia, age 21 and children Frederick, age 14 (from a prior marriage?); John, age 1; and William under age 1. The Father was born in Tennessee and the mother was born in Florida. The children were all born in Baldwin Co., AL. There is a marriage record of William R. Yancey and Virginia Keyes (or Noyes?) 16 Mar 1848 in Baldwin Co., AL. The parentage of this William R. Yancey is very uncertain - there is a John & Mary Hamblin Yancey of Mecklenburg Co., VA who are to have had a child named William who would have been born about 1810 and about whom little is known - but he surely would have been born in Virginia and not in Tennessee.


THOMAS S. YANCEY: Married 19 January 1836 in Pope Co., AR - Miss Fondeal. Could this be the same Thomas S. Yancey who was a son of John S. Yancey & Sara W. Farqueher of Rockingham Co., VA & later Saline Co., MO.



ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married 25 December 1836 in Lumpkin Co., GA - William Woods. It would seem that this is probably the sister of Balis Yancey who is found on the 1850 census of Lumpkin Co., GA. Elizabeth & Balis Yancey are thought to be children of Miles Yancey and a lady by the name of Linny Stegall (who he seperated from before he married Catherine Wilson about 1830).

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married 2 April 1826 in Jasper Co., GA - Bazel Gracey. All the Yanceys of Jasper County, Georgia seem to be descendants of Lewis D. Yancey of that county - but the exact connection here is uncertain.

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married 18 January 1849 in Carroll Co., GA - Thomas K. Rowell. Identity Uncertain.

FANNY YANCEY: Fanny Yancey married William Wilkerson 13 Sep 1840 in Hall Co., GA. Identity Uncertain.

GEORGE W. YANCEY & JOHN YANCEY: Thought to be brothers. George W. Yancey is found on 1840,50,60, & 70 census of Telfair County, Georgia. He was born about 1815 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Brinkley 8 Jan 1837 in Upson co., GA. About 1840 he is to have married one Susannah Cravey and 12 Feb 1848 he married Susannah's sister Mary Cravey. He had various children who grew up in the Telfair County area. George's brother John Yancey was also on the 1840 census of Telfair County - but he has not been located on the 1850 ccensus. He is recorded on the 1860 census for Telfair. By 1870 he had moved to Smith Co., Texas and was also there on the 1880 census. He married Elizabeth Cravey 10 Feb 1840. They had various children. The parentage of George & John is unknown.

JAMES YANCEY & LEWIS TILLOTSON YANCEY: James Yancey , born about 1805 in Virginia. 1840 & 1850 living in Putnam Co., Georgia. 1860 in Baldwin Co., GA. Married 23 Jan 1849 in Putnam Co., GA - Louisa LEE, and they had various children. Lewis Tillotson Yancey (thought to be a brother of James Yancey of Putnam Co.) Born about 1811 in Virginia. 1840 living in Mecklenburg Co., VA. 1850, 1860, 1870 living in Putnam, County, GA. Married 14 Jun 1837 in Mecklenburg Co., VA - Sally Tillotson. on 1850 census appears with wife "Martha" (seond wife?). Lewis Tillotson had various children.

JAMES H YANCEY: Married 4 November 1849 in Carroll Co., GA - Mary Whisenhunt. They are found on the 1850 census of Carroll Couny, Georgia.

LYDIA YANCEY: Married 23 January 1848 in Carroll Co., GA - Thomas Vaughn. Identity Uncertain.

RICHARD YANCEY: 1820, 1824 living in Hall County, Georgia. 1830 living in Campbell County, Georgia. Married (1st) in the 1790's -wife's name unknown . Married (2nd) 27 November 1834 in Hall County Georgia at age to Sarah (Gaisum?). Thought to be father of WILLIAM, ELEANOR, JAMES & possibly TYRA YANCEY (probably others too). WILLIAM YANCEY born about 1797 in South Carolina - married about 1820 Esther _______. They are found living in Hall Co., GA in 1820 and in Campbell Co., GA in 1830,1840, and Esther is on the 1850 & 1860 censuses. They had various children. ELEANOR YANCEY - born about 1798 in South Carolina -married 17 November 1839 in Campbell Co., GA to David Darnell. They are found on the 1850 census of Campbell Co., GA (no children are recorded). JAMES YANCEY born about 1800 in South Carolina - Married before 1820 to Nancy _______. They are found recorded on the 1820 census of Jackson Co., GA and the 1830,1840,1850 censuses of Campbell County Georgia with various children. TYRA or TIRA J YANCEY - born about 1821 is recorded by some as being a son of RICHARD - but it would seem much more probable that he was a grandson. Tyra married 20 October 1839 in Campbell County, GA to Janet Hill. They are found on the 1840 & 1850 census of Campbell County. They are recorded on the 1870 census of Lafayette County, Arkansas and the 1880 census of Cass County, Texas.
See also: Richard Yauncey under "Indiana".

THOMAS YANCEY: Married 24 Dec 1839 in Cass Co., GA - Ruth W. Lewis. Identity uncertain.

THORNTON C. YANCEY: Born about 1815 in Virginia. 1850 in Cherokee County, Georgia. 31 August 1857 married in Cherokee Co., GA to Jane Gilbert. 1860 also in Cherokee Co., GA. It is thought that this Thornton Yancey is a descendant of Andrew Thornton Yancey of Granville NC through his son Thomas Yancey (who married Winifred Yancey - daughter of Lewis Yancey of Culpeper).

WESLEY / ALFORD / EZEKIAL / LEVI / ELISHA / WILLIAM / ELIJAH YANCEY: Records would indicate that the following persons were probably siblings and possible children of one CHARLES YANCEY who died in Georgia about 1820 (SEE WILLIAM & AUSTIN YANCEY under NORTH CAROLINA SECTION). 1 - WESLEY YANCEY - born about 1785 in South Carolina. 1820 & 1830 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. 1840 in Forsyth County, Georgia. Does not seem to be found on 1850 census - but 1860 census is found with wife Mary in Randolph County, Alabama and in 1870 in Polk County Georgia. 2 - ALFORD YANCEY born abt 1795-1800 in North Carolina. Married 1 August 1822 in Hall County, Georgia to Elizabeth Dobbs. 1840 & 1850 in Gwinnett County. 1860 in Banks County, Georgia. 3 - EZEKIEL YANCEY born abt 1795 (in South Carolina?) 1820 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. 1840 in DeKalb County and 1850 wife Nancy is Forsyth County - he probably died about 1848. 4 - LEVI YANCEY - born about 1803 in South Carolina . Married about 1825 first wife (name unknown). 1830 in Gwinnett County. 1840 in Campbell County. 1847 married Anna Rice in Cherokee County, Georgia. 1850 in Cherokee County, Georgia with family. 1860 & 1870 in Pickens County, Georgia. 5 - ELISHA YANCEY - Born about 1805 in (South Carolina?). 1830 living in Gwinnett County. 1840 & 1850 in Cherokee County with wife Sophia & family. 1860 in Pickens county, Georgia. 6 - WILLIAM YANCEY - Born about 1805 - 1810 in South Carolina. Married about 1830 to one Martha (Patsy). 1830, 1840, 1850 in Gwinnett County, Georgia (family counted twice on 1850 census) 7 - ELIJAH YANCEY - born about 1812 in South Carolina. Married 15 February 1834 in Pickens County, Georgia to Elizabeth Martha Whitmore. 1840 & 1850 in Cherokee County, Georgia with family. 1860 & 1870 in Pickens County. ALSO probably related to the above seven possible siblings is one MARY YANCEY (born about 1800 in Georgia) found living in 1850 in Gwinnett County and one WILLIAM YANCEY (born about 1800) found living in Gwinnett County, Georgia in 1850 with wife Rachel. Also a Charles Yancey found living in 1850 in Tippah County, Mississippi - his age being recorded as 58 (bn about 1792) in South Carolina.


AUGUSTA L. YANCEY: Born 4 July 1824 and died 15 May 1897. Lived in Jefferson Co., KY. Married one Margaret Moss. Parentage unknown.

MARY YANCEY: Married 16 May 1801 - in Mason County, Kentucky - to Mr. John Trippell or Trussell.

MARY W. YANCEY: Married 7 October 1835 - in Calloway County, Kentucky - to Mr. John W. Wrenn.

MARY YANCEY: Married Christopher Rynerson 13 July 1827 in Casey County, Kentucky. Certain family records record her as a daugher of one Hiram Yancey of South Carolina - but this is questionable. It would seem possible that she may have been a possible relation of Austin Yancey, the Revolutionary War soldier.


EDIBORO YANCEY: Living in Berrien Co., Michigan in 1850.  Died in 1871 in Oakland Co., Michigan.  Recorded as a son of one Laton Yancey of Kentucky. 

SMITH H. YANCEY: Married Mary Connor - 19 July 1825 in Macomb Co., Michigan. Identity very uncertain - may prove NOT to be a Yancey after all - No Yanceys are known to have been in Michigan at this time.


JOHN H. YANCEY: Born about 1823 in Virginia. Married 16 September 1847 in Henry County, Tennessee to Sarah J. Darnell. 1850, 1860 living in Jackson County, Missouri.

LUCY YANCEY: Married James Tomlin in February 1829 in Howard Co., Mo. Identity uncertain.

ROBERT YANCEY: Born about 1836 in Missouri. 1850, 1860 living in Chariton County, Missouri. Wife: ARMINA ________??. It is thought that this Robert is a possible son of Robert Yancey who married AGA Norvell in Albemarle County in 1819 (son of Charles & Sarah Field Yancey)

SANFORD YANCEY: Born about 1798 in Georgia. Married 25 March 1816 in Rutherford County, Tennessee to Jane Harris. 1830 living in Perry County, Missouri. 1840,1850 living in Cape Girardeau Co., MO. Died about 1858 leaving various descendants. Although the parentage of Sanford Yancey is quite obscure it seems quite possible that he was a son of Lewis Davis Yancey of Jasper County, Georgia (not to be confused with Lewis Davis Yancey of Culpeper County, Virginia). Lewis Davis Yancey of Jasper County Georgia did mention a Sanford Yancey is his will.

WILLIAM Y. YANCEY: Born about 1803?? in Virginia. Married 8 May 1845 in Davies County, Missouri to Harriett McBay. 1850 - living in Livingston County, Missouri.

WILLIAM L. YANCEY: Born about 1818 in Virginia. Married 14 March 1839 in Callaway County, Missouri - Martha Ferguson. 1840 in Cole County, Missouri. 1850 in Callaway Co., MO.


AGATHA YANCEY: Recorded on a few research records is the family of one John Thornton who is to have married one Agatha Yancey. They are to have had eight children. John Thornton is to have been born in Richmond Co., Virginia and later moved to Franklin County, North Carolina where he died in 1787. I have yet to see anything that proves that John Thornton's wife was a Yancey. This needs to be researched. (SEE RJHW-95)

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Born about 1790 in Virginia ? Married 6 January 1807 in Virginia to Samuel Chiles Brame. Records concerning her parentage are contradictory and questionable. It seems she was closely related to Sterling Yancey and it seems that she may have been a sister of Jackson M. Yancey. [More detailed info]

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married Peter Crouch 31 Aug 1831 in Davidson Co., NC. Identity Uncertain.

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married John Harris 28 May 1837 in Caswell County, NC. Identity uncertain.

JACKSON M. YANCEY: Born 3 October 1791 probably in Virginia. Married 25 March 1819 in North Carolina to Elizabeth B. Goode. Served in the war of 1812. 1820 living in Granville County, North Carolina. Died about 1838 in Granville County leaving two children. This Yancey was the ancestor of Loyd R. Garrison - Yancey genealogist and editor of various books about the family. A family bible record of Sterling Yancey records the father of Jackson M. Yancey as one (James?) Yancey (writing somewhat illegible). If the name is correct as James - he is most probably the son of James Yancey the son of Andrew Thornton Yancey of Granville. It would also seem quite possible that he may be a brother of one Elizabeth Yancey (above) who married Samuel Chiles Brame in 1807.

JAMES M. YANCEY: Married 22 June 1833 in Rockingham County, North Carolina to Ann R. Dabbs. It would seem that Ann was the daughter of Josiah & Mary Hannah Dabbs of North Carolina . It would appear that James died prior to the 1850 census and it would seem that his wife is the same Ann R Yancey found living in Sumter County Alabama on the 1850 census with no other Yancey relatives.

JAMES/BANISTER/ROBERT/WILLIAM_C./RICHARD_E./MEREDITH YANCEY: All thought to be siblings (although no conclusive evidence and some may prove not to be) - the parentage of these six Yanceys of the Granville Co., NC & Mecklenburg Co., VA area is quite obscure. JAMES married 26 April 1815 in Mecklenburg County, VA to Elizabeth Cunningham (born about 1800 in VA). James is found on 1830 census in Granville Co. He died prior to 1850 when his wife is found on the census of Mecklenburg County. BANISTER YANCEY - born about 1790 in Virginia is found living in 1830 in Granville County. In 1850 he is found in Mecklenburg County Virginia. It would seem he never married and had no descendants. ROBERT YANCEY - born about 1795 in Virginia - married one Martha _______ about 1835. He appears on the 1850 in Mecklenburg and 1860 census of Granville with his family. WILLIAM C. YANCEY - born about 1801 in Virginia - married (1st) Averilla Lawson 26 July 1826 in Granville Co., NC. He married (2nd) 27 October 1839 in Limestone Co., AL - Adeline Isom. He is found on the 1840,1850,1860 census of Limestone County AL with family. RICHARD E. YANCEY - born 4 February 1809 in Virginia - married 27 february 1832 in Mecklenburg Co., VA to Harriet P. Yancey. They are found on the 1840 census of Mecklenburg and the 1850,1860, & 1870 census of Granville Co., NC with family. MEREDITH YANCEY - born about 1810 - married 23 October 1829 in Granville County, North Carolina to Elizabeth C. Allen. They appear on the 1830 census of Granville Co., NC. He is to have traveled to Louisiana in the mid 1830's where he died about 1840 leaving wife and three children. His wife returned to Granville County where the family is found on the 1850 census.

SPIVY YANCEY: Born about 1815 in North Carolina. Married Frances Taylor in June 1849 in Caswell Co., NC. In 1850 He and wife were in Halifax Co., VA. 1860,1870 in Caswell Co., NC. Identity uncertain. Possibly a son of Wiley Yancey.

WILLIAM & AUSTIN YANCEY: This is the Yancey line that I descend from. It is one, the origin of which has eluded researchers for decades. The earliest record of a William Yancey is on tax records of Hanover County Virginia in 1758. A William Yancey is later found living in Granville County North Carolina in the early 1760's. Various deed records of William are found in the late 1760's in Mecklenburg County NC from which Tryon County NC was formed. Various records show him living in Tryon Co., NC from about 1768 to 1784. He is found on the 1790 census living in Rutherford County NC. This may be the same William Yancey found living in 1792 in Laurens County, South Carolina "with sons". and it may be the same William Yancey who died in Montgomery County, Tennessee about 1814. There is also a William Yancey found living in the Barnwell district of South Carolina in 1810. William married some time before 1760 a Miss Sophie Davis of Granville Co., NC and they are probably the parents of AUSTIN & FANNY YANCEY. Another child may have been one CHARLES YANCEY. AUSTIN YANCEY is to have been born 29 August 1752 and married 11 February 1775 in the Tryon/Rutherford County area (documentation for these dates are lacking- but dates seem reasonable) His wife is to have been one Sarah Garrison. In 1769 AUSTIN witnessed a deed of his (Father?) WILLIAM YANCEY in Tryon County. Austin served in the military at certain times during the Revolutionary War. His Pension application is on file. Austin is found on the 1790 census of Greenville Co., SC. By 1797 he had moved on to Tennessee where in Blount County TN he signed the marriage bond for a daughter. In 1820 he was living in Montgomery County, TN and in 1830 in Franklin County, IL. In 1833 he applied for a pension. He had various children including a son also named Austin - through whom it would seem I descend. FANNY (FRANCES) YANCEY was born about 1768 in North Carolina - she is thought to be another child of WILLIAM & SOPHIE YANCEY. She married about 1790 one Nathaniel Dobbs. They early on traveled to Georgia and in 1850 are found on the Gwinnett County Census records. They had various children. Another possible son of WILLIAM & SOPHIE YANCEY is one CHARLES YANCEY. A Charles Yancey is found living in 1790 in Bladen County, North Carolina. and by 1800 in Robison Co.,NC. It is thought quite possible that this is the same CHARLES YANCEY found living in Gwinnett County Georgia in 1820. He seems to have died before 1830. Although information concerning his wife and children is scant - Possible children include: Wesley, Alford, Ezekiel, Levi, Elisha, William, Madison and Elijah Yancey - all found living in the Gwinnett/Cherokee/Campbell counties in Georgia during the early 1800's.

WILLIAM Y YANCEY: Married 2 August 1848 in Rockingham County, North Carolina to Malinda Carter.


CHARLES W. YANCEY: Born about 1770-1780. 1830 living in Franklin County, Indiana. Died about 1838 in Butler County, Ohio. Wife is to have been Mary Ann _________, Parents of Ambrose Yancey and Elcey Yancey. AMBROSE YANCEY - Born 5 November 1818 in Butler County, Ohio. Married 3 May 1839 in Franklin County, Indiana to Phebe Jane Goffe. Ambrose died in 1892 leaving many descendants. ELCEY YANCEY - born 17 October 1816 in Butler County, Ohio. Married 19 February 1835 in Butler County, Ohio to Alexander Duke. She died in 1888 also leaving descendants.

CHARLES A. L. YANCEY: Married 21 Aug 1848 in Hamilton Co., Ohio - Mary Jane Howard. 

FANNY YANCEY: Married 25 Dec 1845 in Hamilton Co., Ohio - Mathias Bowers. 

GEORGE M. YANCEY:  Living in 1850 in Hamilton Co., Ohio with wife Mary Ann.  There is also record of a George M Yancey marrying Margaret Swager in 1854 in Hamilton County.

JAMES H YANCEY: Married 21 May 1849 in Clark Co., Ohio - Nancy Hale. 

JOHN  YANCEY:  Living in 1850 in Jackson Co., Ohio, age 25, with wife Mary.  

LAYTON YANCEY: Born abt 1803 in Virginia. Layton married 20 December 1830 in Bedford County, Virginia to Sarah Barker. In 1840 they were living in Bedford County. 1850 they were living in Hamilton County, Ohio. Layton is thought to be the son of James & Nelly (Baynes) Yancey.

LETITIA YANCEY: Married 3 Apr 1849 in Harrison Co., Ohio - William B Hunts.

LEWIS YANCEY: Married 18 August 1846 in Hamilton Co., Ohio - Maria Starkey.

MARTHA ANN YANCEY: Married 12 August 1844 in Butler Co., Ohio - John S. Mitchell.

MARTHA JANE YANCEY: Married 11 Apr 1839 in Jackson Co., Ohio - Robert J. Piles.

MARY YANCEY: Married 12 May 1827 in Ross County, Ohio - Harvey Hawes.

POLLY YANCEY: Married 4 Jan 1848 in Summitt County, Ohio - Peter Hofacker.

SAMUEL F YANCEY: Living in 1850 in Wyandot Co., OH with wife Ellen and children. 

VIRGINIA YANCEY: Married 31 Oct 1833 in Ross County, Ohio - Zachariah Lucas.


CYRUS YANCEY: Born about 1777 in Virginia?. 1802-1814 recorded on various deed records in Anderson & Pendleton Counties in South Carolina. 1830,1832 in McMinn County, Tennessee. In 1850 a Cyrus Yancey found living in Hall County Georgia. Wife is to have been one Sarah Smith. Children of CYRUS included one MEREDITH YANCEY as well as one ALEXANDER YANCEY. MEREDITH YANCEY was born 19 July 1803. He married Mary Witt in Monroe County, Tennessee in 1833. He is recorded on the 1840 & 1850 census of Monroe County. He later moved to Crawford County, Arkansas where he is recorded on the 1860 and 1870 census. He died in 1893 leaving many descendants. ALEXANDER YANCEY was born about 1801 in South Carolina. He married about 1825 one Elizabeth Bowman. The family is recorded on the 1830 census of McMinn County, Tennessee. Later in 1840 they were in Hamilton County, Indiana and in 1850 in Boone County, IN. By 1860 they were in Cass County, Missouri. CYRUS is thought to be a descendant of the Culpeper County Virginia Yanceys (descending from Lewis Davis Yancey) - but the exact identity is quite obscure.

MINES/MEANS, DABNER, MILES, LEWIS YANCEY: (All thought to be brothers) MINES YANCEY was born 3 February 1793 in Virginia. He served from South Carolina in the War of 1812. He married and Miss Jane Edwards 10 November 1817 in Pendleton District of South Carolina. In 1820 & 1830 he is found living in Hall County, Georgia. In 1850 he is found living in Jefferson County, Alabama where he died in 1859 leaving various descendants. DABNER YANCEY born about 1795 in Virginia, He also served in the War of 1812 from South Carolina. about 1815 he married a Miss Mary Siddall. In 1820 he is found living in Pendleton district SC. 1830 & 1840 he was living in Pickens County, SC. By 1850 he was living in Cherokee County, Georgia and in 1860 in Milton County, GA. He died in 1869 leaving various children. MILES YANCEY was born about 1796 in Virginia. He is to have eloped with one Catherine Wilson about 1811 in South Carolina. He also served in the war of 1812. In 1820 he is found living in Pendleton District SC. In 1830, 1840 & 1850 in Pickens Co., SC. In 1860 he was living in DeKalb County, Alabama where he died in 1864 leaving many descendants. LEWIS YANCEY was born about 1799 in Virginia. He also served in the war of 1812 from South Carolina. He married about 1827 one Rebecca Siddall. He is found on the 1820 census of Pendleton District SC. In 1830 & 1840 in Hall County, Georgia. By 1850 he was living in Dekalb County Alabama where he probably died sometime after 1860.

PHILIP YANCEY: The National Genealogical Society Quarterly (1968) records one Philip Yancey who was murdered in 1830 in Richland District, South Carolina. The 1850 census records a John W. Yancey (born about 1823) in that same County, who is probably a son of Philip. Could these two, possibly be descendants of Philemon (often recorded Philip) - son of Lewis Davis Yancey of Culpeper?


EDWARD A. YANCEY: Married 9 November 1846 in Fayette County Tennessee - Mary Jane Whitten. Is thought to have died shortly after. In 1850 Mary J Yancey living in Decatur County TN.

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married 21 November 1844 - in Campbell County, Tennessee - to Mr. Thomas Blevins.

ELIZABETH YANCEY: Married 24 November 1845 - in Claiborne County, Tennessee - to Mr. Nathaniel M. Scott.

MALISSA JANE YANCEY: Married 30 November 1841 - in Lawrence County, Tennessee - to Mr. William N. Hamilton. It is thought she may be a relative of Alfred M. & Lucy Yancey of Giles County, Tennessee.

MARTHA YANCEY: Married 10 April 1836 in Scott Co., TN - Elihu McDonald.

MARTHA YANCEY: Married 27 Dec 1831 in Hardeman Co., TN - Brassell Wise.

NANCY YANCEY: Married 14 February 1847 - in Anderson County, Tennessee - to Mr. Henry Sieber.

SARAH YANCEY: Married 10 March 1846 - in Shelby County, Tennessee - to Mr. James Henry.

ZACHARIAH YANCEY: Born about 1790 in Virginia. He is found on the 1850 census of Scott County Tennessee being of age 60 with wife Mary and children Jane and Thomas. This is quite strange - as he does not appear on any census prior to the 1850. He appears to be the father of one John Yancey who is the ancestor of all of the many Scott County TN Yanceys - but John does not seem to be recorded on the 1850 census. The name Zachariah among the Yancey family is rather uncommon - the only other Zachariah Yancey - of Mecklenburg county Virginia (1754-1852) who left many descendants - all his children seem to be mentioned in his will - but an analysis of his family does show a gap of a few years in the early 1790's where none of his known children were born - could this Zachariah Yancey of Scott County have been a son?? - could he have possibly run away from home or somehow lost contact with his father??


ARCHIE YANCY: Wife is to have been one Mary _________. They were to have been the parents of one John Yancey (born 22 June 1815 in North Carolina). John Yancey married 6 December 1837 in Texas one Elizabeth McAnulty. 1840 in Nacogdoches County, Texas. 1860 in Bell County Texas. Descendants spelled the name YANCY. Another son of Archie & Mary was probably Archelaus Yancey who on 29 July 1849 in Rusk County Texas married Maria Theresa Crawford. This Archelaus Yancey living in Nacogdoches County, Texas 1840-1860. These Yanceys may be related to the John & Rebecca Yancey above.

JOHN YANCEY: Born about 1784 in Virginia. Married 4 September 1849 in Rusk County, Texas to Rebecca Colwell (Born about 1794 in Georgia). Couple recorded on 1850 census - Rusk Co., TX.

JOSEPH L. S. YANCEY: Born about 1834 in Tenn/Miss.  Married 11 Jan 1851 in Lamar Co., Texas - M. C. George. 

WILLIAM YANCEY: Married 18 Feb 1842 in Fannin Co., TX - Orphy Crumpton - possibly same William Yancey who died in Pulaski Co., Arkansas in 1849. 



BETTY YANCEY & EDWARD FIELDING DAVIS: Early genealogical reports record the family of Thomas Davis (born 1693) & Sarah Fielding of Prince William and Northumberland Co., VA. Among the children was one Edward Fielding Davis (born 1718) who is to have married a Betty (Elizabeth?) Yancey. He is to have died in the French & Indian Wars - probably at a young age. If he left any descendants - it is not known. If this information is valid (I have virtually nothing to back it up) - Betty was probably a daughter of Charles Yancey (II) & (Mary Bartlett?).

CHARLES YANCEY: Born about 1813 in Virginia. Charles married 24 February 1841 in Bedford County, Virginia to Louisa H. Thomas. In 1850 they were living in Scott County, Virginia and 1860,1870 in Bedford County. Charles parentage is unknown - but it seems quite possible that he was a brother of Layton Yancey who married Sarah Barker in Bedford County and later moved on to Hamilton County, Ohio..

JOEL YANCEY: Married 13 October 1817 in Louisa County, Virginia Barbara Smith. The identity of this Yancey is quite uncertain and he is often confused by researchers with other Joel Yanceys of Louisa County (one Joel Yancey married a Barbara Jennings 1 November 1773) . The Joel married in 1817 is possibly a son of Augustus & Elizabeth (Cole) Yancey or Tyree & Sarah (Jennings) Yancey.

MARY ANN YANCEY: Born about 1790 in Virginia. Married 21 October 1819 in Rockingham County, Virginia to Mr. Abraham Snyder. 1850 Census - Family living in Rockingham Co. Virginia. One would expect this Yancey to be a descendant of Lewis Davis Yancey -but any connection here is quite mysterious. A daughter of Capt. Robert Yancey (son of Lewis Davis Yancey) is to have married a Snyder - but it seems doubtful that Mary Ann was his (Capt. Robert's) daughter.

MARY J. YANCEY: The 1850 census of Chesterfield Co., VA records one Mary J. Yancey age 70. Her identity is uncertain. It would seem that this may be the same Mary J who is listed on Deed records of Cumberland Co., VA in 1826 and 1839. It is certain she was closely related to Robert Jennings Yancey - son of Tyree & Sarah Jennings Yancey & grandson of Archelaus Yancey.

MURIAH/URIAH K. YANCEY: Born about 1790 in Virginia. Married 7 September 1818 in Albemarle County Virginia - to Celia Martin. 1830 in Campbell Co., Tennessee; 1840 in Whitney Co., Kentucky; 1860 in Campbell Co., TN again. The Albemarle Yanceys descend from Jeremiah Yancey & Margaret Mullins - but it would seem that this Yancey does NOT descend from Jeremiah. His connection to the family is unknown - but he is probably a descendant of the Hanover/Louisa County Virginia Yanceys.

S. YANCEY: Married 17 January 1805 - in Caroline County, Virginia - to Mr. David Harris. It is interesting to note that Philemon Yancey Jr. (grandson of Lewis Davis Yancey of Culpeper) is to have married one Sarah Powers - but it would seem that they may have separated - Philemon moving on to Kentucky about 1814 and settling in Franklin County - but Sarah is found living in Caroline County in 1820 and 1830 - any connection is unknown.

WILLIAM YANCEY: Born about 1791 in Virginia. 1830, 1840 in Ohio Co., VA Appears on 1850 Census of Marshall Co., VA (WV) with two sons? Henry age 20 and John age 17 as well as with a Mr James Bowers.

YANCEY/CRISWELL MARRIAGE: Criswell Family researchers have been looking for a Yancey/Criswell marriage for years believing that the wife of one John Criswell of early PA/VA was a Miss Yancey and mother of at least three children: Susannah Criswell, John Yancey Criswell, and Elizabeth Yancey Criswelll all born 1780-1790. Many researchers believe that the mother of these children may have been a daughter of John Yancey (Jr.) & wife Susannah Coleman of Culpeper Co., VA - but there exists a lot of inconsistancies in this theory. The husband of Susannah Criswell was one Samuel Anderson (bn 1781) He had a brother William (bn 1769) who is to have married an Elizabeth Yancey - identity and validity uncertain. By any means if any of this info turns out to be valid (their is a lack of hard proof) it seems very reasonable to assume that they were descendants of Lewis Davis Yancey of Culpeper through his son John Yancey.

YANCEY/EAVES MARRIAGE: Various researchers have recorded one Martha/Nancy Yancey as the wife of one Graves Eaves of early Virginia. She is to have been born about 1736 in Hanover County. They are to have married about 1751 in Rutherford Co., NC. They are to have had various children including one Bartlett Yancey Eaves. Many researchers have recorded this Martha Nancy as a daughter of James Yancey of Granville Co., NC - but records indicate that this is not correct. James did have a daughter named Nancy - but she married a Mr. Baynes. It would now seem quite possible that she is the Martha - daughter of Robert & Temperance Dumas Yancey - mentioned in his will of 1746 in Louisa County. Further research needs to be done to find more concrete information to document this relationship. It is also somewhat uncertain whether the name of Nancy is correct - I would be interested in finding any primary documents that record her name.

YANCEY/ESTES MARRIAGES: Various published works on the ESTES family refer to one Richard Estes born about 1705 possibly in King & Queen County, Virginia. He is to have married a Mary Yancey about 1726. Their children were born in the Hanover County area. Richard Estes died in 1743 in Louisa County Virginia and his wife died in 1764 in Louisa County also. Although there are some documents verifying this family - I have yet to find proof that Mary's maiden name was YANCEY. The dates & places corresponding to this Estes family would seem to make it very possible for Mary to have been the daughter of one of the early Charles Yanceys of Virginia - but I have nothing concrete to support this . It has been stated that the name Charles is very uncommon among the Estes family and yet one of Richard & Mary's sons was named Charles (possibly after Charles Yancey??) There is a book that has recently been published on the Estes family that does state that Mary's father was Charles Yancey (giving quite extensive information on the family) - but the author needs to be contacted and questioned concerning his sources and further research done before any definite statement concerning Mary's origin can be made. Various published works also state that Richard Estes had a son Richard M. Estes who is to have married a Sarah Thornton Yancey. This Richard Estes Jr. died in 1799 in Caswell County, North Carolina. No proof has been found verifying Sarah Thornton's maiden name as Yancey.

YANCEY/KEITH MARRIAGE:  Various records (few if any pointing to primary documents proving the rerlationship) record of Alexander Keith who is to have married a Miss Yancey by which she had at least one son.  She died soon thereafter and he remarried Mary Ann Gallahue by which he had various children.  Alexander Keith lived much of his earlier life in Fauquier Co., VA - but ended up in Jefferson Co., Miss. where he died in 1822.  Little is known about Miss Yancey.   But many descendants of Keith carry the first or middle name of Yancey.

YANCEY/MAJOR MARRIAGE: Various DAR Applications record one soldier of the Revolutionary War named Jerem MAJOR (family name - not title) who is to have married a Miss Yancey. No evidence has been found to verify this information and further research needs to be done on the MAJOR family to document the family better and perhaps prove or disprove this claim.

YANCEY/LIPSCOMB MARRIAGE: Various published reports including "MCGEHEE DESCENDANTS - INCLUDING MACGREGOR" By Ethel Grider - refer to one Daniel Lipscomb (1728-1777) of King William County, Virginia. He was the son of John Lipscomb & Diannah MackGehee. This Daniel Lipscomb is to have married one Keziah Yancey. I have never seen any evidence to support this theory - and if indeed her name was Keziah Yancey - she could not have been the daughter of Richard & Mary Yancey of Mecklenburg (as recorded in the Book by Grider) - because their daughter Keziah married Mr. Charles Nuckolls and had various children. The McGehee Book records a son of Daniel & Keziah Lipscomb named Yancey Lipscomb - among others. Any connection between the Lipsomb and the Yanceys has yet to be established.

YANCEY/SLAUGHTER MARRIAGES: Records concerning the early members of the Slaughter Family in the Culpeper/Spotsylvania area of Virginia refer to one Cadwallader Slaughter (son of John Slaughter & Mildred Coleman) marrying a Miss Yancey (probably in the late 1700's). Miss Yancey apparently died prematurely and Mr. Slaughter remarried a Miss Hampton. Records also refer to a Mr. Charles Yancey of the same general area but at an earlier date marrying a Frances Slaughter (daughter of Thomas Slaughter & Sarah Thornton). The marriage probably took pace in the 1750's. There has been virtually no evidence to support the information on either of these Yancey/Slaughter marriages. There is record however of a Frances J Yancey in Caroline Co., VA where is recorded the inventory of her estate (intestate settlement) in 1816. The will records do not refer to any children or spouse. If the information concerning the two Yancey/Slaughter marriages is correct these may have been children or grandchildren of John & Mary Layton Yancey of Culpeper.

YANCEY/SAXON CONNECTIONS: Various Saxon family researchers have, for some time, been trying to prove that the wife of one Samuel Saxon was a Mary Yancey. Samuel Saxon was originally of New Kent County (from which Hanover) It would seem that the Saxon's were close neighbors of the Yanceys at certain dates. Samuel Saxon moved to Halifax County, North Carolina - where various members of the Yancey family are also known to have lived. The name Yancey among the Saxon family is not unusual - and there is a Yancey Saxon who lived in South Carolina and seems to have had an association with James Yancey (son of Lewis Davis Yancey). Samuel died in Halifax Co., NC in 1766 leaving a will. Further research needs to be done - circumstantial evidence does seem to indiicate that there was some sort of connection between the two families - but whether the wife of Samuel Saxon was indeed a Mary Yancey has yet to be proven.

YANCEY/STONE MARRIAGE: Various reports record one Mary Yancey marrying one Richard Stone in early Virginia. Richard Stone is to have been born about 1735 and died about 1797 in Lunenbuirg Co., VA. He had various children. I have never found any evidence to support this - and in fact many reports record the wife of Richard Stone as Mary Wynne, instead of Yancey. More research must be done on this line - but the validity of this family connection seems doubtful.


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