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By Lisa

Updated 18th January 2006
Hi My Name is Lisa,
I am a very small breeder with just 2 Akita's , however i hope to expand a little one day, not too much though.
I am breeding for temperament , and good nature, and if it is ever possible good behaviour in my Akita's. hehehe i could be trying for awhile for that last one though.
I have owned my dogs for 7 years now and love them as if they were my very own children, although my own children don't have as good table manners.
Well on that note i will let you look around and i hope you enjoy my sight and please if you feel something is missing or something could be added to better my sight please sign my guestbook.

Thank You .
Please feel free to contact me any time.

Newcastle , NSW Australia
PH: (02) 49453778 or 0413072127