My Music & Dance Page!

Two of my favorite things, which both go hand-in-hand are music & dancing! I have always loved to dance ever since I was like 13 or something like that. I wasn't very good when I frist started, but I have gotten better. But to really expand my skills I am thinking about taking some jazz dance lessons at the Robert Thomas Dancenter. My main kind of dancing that I am into right now is hip hop. I feel that my dance style is hip hop with elements of pop and lock; with a little Michael Jackson thrown in there.

As for music-Well I am a major music fan; I love to listen and do appreciate all kinds of music-whatever genre it may be. I feel that there is somethinng good in every kind of music, because you can learn from all types. To say that one type of music is the best or better than another would be very ignorant.

Since I love music & dancing I got a job as a dj. The best part is that I get to make money while I am dancing, singing, listening to music, & just plain having fun. The dj company I work for is K&B Mobile DJs; they are located out of Knoxville, Iowa.

Since we are a mobile dj service we cater to any kind of event. We have done school dances, birthday parties, business parties, Christmas parties, New Years Eve parties, etc. But most of our business comes from wedding receptions.

If you would like to get a hold of K&B Mobile Dee Jays for any information or consultations you can get a hold of them by there

  • toll free # : 1-800-842-7195
  • e-mail: kbdjs@lisco
  • and even by mail : K&B Mobile Dee Jays

  • 817 Madison St
    Knoxville, IA 50138