The PCBridge Project

Connect PC cards to your eight-bit ATARI Computer!!!

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The idea to develop an interface that enables you to connect PC cards to your beloved ATARI XL/XE arose in 1998 when I wrote my diploma thesis. Since then I pushed the project foreward and spend many hours in the evening on it. Now I have reached a point that I want to publish the work I have done, in order to enable you to build your own interface. And, of course, I want you to invent further drivers for cards I have not considered yet.

Following types of cards are supported in the cuurent driver:

Please take a look at this overview, giving you an idea of the main design features.
Here is a short list of the most important topic:

If you want to build the interface yourself or program new driver for it (e.g. ethernet-cards), get the archive mentioned below. The driver software is divided in up to eight parts, for each 1K page one source-code file. By now I have used five pages, which sources you can find in the archive. All constants and variables are separated into two other include files. The code is ATMAS-II compatible, however, since I used include-files, the sources can only be assembled using the A.S.S.I. assembler programmed by McFalkner. I included an older version that works fine for me. If you want to examine the schematic a little bit closer, you may like to download the free version of EAGLE from Cadsoft .

You are likely not familiar with ATARI's PBI concept, so I have written a few articles about the PBI and its extension to the full function PCBridge interface:

PBI_Part_1_english PBI_Part_1_german
PBI_Part_2_english PBI_Part_2_german
PBI_Part_3_english PBI_Part_3_german
PCBridge_Part_1_english PCBridge_Part_1_german

Please contact me, if you do not want to solder your own interface. For roughly EUR 50,-, I will be able to send you the complete interface. Please note that I do not earn even one Cent from it! The PCB is about EUR 40,- and 10,- are for the other parts.

please feel free to contact me:
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